New episode is up! How to Use Isochrone Maps for Art or Advanced Analysis - Featured Data Viz by Topi Tjukanov 🌎 What are isochrone maps, what’re they used for, and how can you make one?! 🎧

I'll be giving a talk at George Washington University about some work I did while I was at the Library of Congress. If you find yourself in DC or know someone who may be interested, please come!

7 days until submissions are due for !

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@Nolj that would be an interesting look! It did seem like most of the occurrences happened within the same move #.

@alexwein ugh I agree about the bottom-to-top issue. I keep going back and forth on which way would be most intuitive for people... 😑

@darth_mall Thanks! The participants were ordered just by when it occurred during the tournament just bc that's how I had the data, but you're right that it would make much more sense with Carlsen's dots grouped. Thank you!

@francis that would be interesting to see! There is so much interesting
nuance around castling! I'll have to check out that documentary...😀

Any chess mavens out there that can give me another pair of eyes on this viz? I was interested in when the best chess players tend to castle and to which side. So I'm wondering if this viz is clear and accurate (I don't play much chess but am curious about this move!). Thanks!

@dagoth Thanks Jay! RE: fonts, do you personally find serif or sans-serif easier to read?

@scott I have a much smaller sample size that you 😋 but my Data Viz Today account AND my personal account are both 72% Male / 28% Female followers. So idk... could just be the ratio that's attracted to the things I tweet about...?

@scott wow yes this is exactly what I was looking for! I like his approach - avoiding threat and guilt and rather excite people about accessibility. Listening to his talk now. Thanks a lot @scott thank you! I'll dive into webaim!

I’m formulating a plan for inclusion efforts on, with the goal of making this a more diverse (and therefore more valuable and sustainable) social space.

But… I don't know what I'm doing! Please review and comment to me here, or in the doc:


@scott @jschwabish just listened to the episode! Thanks for the reminder to jump back in here. 😀

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