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@chillallmen that’s always a consequence of clarification bro

Just gotta yknow
Gotta be hot
Play each establishment

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high res minecraft cow symbolizes, to me, an emotion i cannot put into words

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"Language skills are a stronger predictor of programming ability than math knowledge" as I have been saying for years

sweet dreams all my insomniacs
Literally fuck everyone else but hope you guys have the greatest weekend ever being up and stuff 😤 be your best I love u 😤❤️❤️❤️

Those who cannot finish arrested development are the weakest link

I’ve said it

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personnel x sémiclassified 

So ûm wow
Past 2 mo have been so toxic
I’m finally out

I have so much love around me
And so many perspectives
So much support
Also options(???😏)

Tbh can’t d8 but the dms 😰

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covid shitpost 

public health officials: the best way to halt the spread of coronavirus is self-isolation

me, an ADHD haver with social anxiety: finally, the moment i have been training for has arrived

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As a gag I’ve been telling my friends the pun names of fictional pro-capitalist ska bands. And now I hate it a lot.

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Twitter: We let the alt-right buy us out because wanna be the next Gab. Also, all your base are belong to us. This isn't a meme. Everything you say or do on our site is ours now.

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episcopalians? baptists? methodists? calvinists?? tell ya, the kids these days with all these made-up genders!!


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moodboard for when istanbul (not constantinople) by they might be giants comes on in the car on the way to work

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