Thanks for your suggestion and your code! 💖 I actually know how to do it, and was just busy with other things.

> So uh, like the opposite of the greatest common divisor... smallest common numerator?

There's least common multiple (lcm). en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Least_co

For irrational numbers as animation period times, I don't think a solution is guaranteed to exist, e.g. [Pi, 1]. For rational numbers, a solution can be found by factorizing each numerator and denominator of the numbers


It's called Dew, a language designed by myself. :D

You can check out my pinned toot for more information. :)

@vanderZwan I recently found out how to use 'mpv' to play a video in loops, so that I can check the animation before uploading. :P

I'll properly solve the loop problem when I have time. I am recently occupied solving a difficult problem with the Dew language itself.

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19 years ago, I was home alone with a toddler. Steve Burns' Blues Clues got us through, and I will always be grateful to him. patreon.com/posts/41510244

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"StrokeCoder: Path-Based Image Generation from Single Examples using Transformers" (Wieluch & Schwenker)

Can a neural net find enough patterns in a *single hand-doodled image* to create its own generative patterns? See for yourself!


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