Shameless selfpromotion coming in 😆 :
I've released the Game Deru, it's an , for two players. It's purely cooperative and designed as a couch co-op experience.
Since you guys are interested in , it might be something for you :D

Here is the trailer:

I've been working four years on it by now, read a bit more here:

More infos here:

A few zoomed in details highlighting the textures

NEW POST: Some of the very best data visualisation stuff discovered during July 2018 features this piece by National Geographic

👁️ if you gaze into a sunburst chart long enough, the sunburst chart will also gaze back into you 👁️

NEW POST: The Little of Visualisation Design, part 55: Using redundant encoding to assist with red-green colourblindness

Anomalies by Country Year 1880 - 2017 (Repost from Twitter)

So scary DataViz had to post it here!

Just last night I was thinking that maybe I was being too paranoid about Google's tracking habits. I mean, after all, I'd gone through their privacy audit and disabled (or so I thought) all of the tracking stuff that I didn't want to participate in, maybe I could use their products as long as I carefully monitored my privacy settings. Then this morning I see this:

On 15th August I will be doing another FREE webinar hosted by @Tableau about 'The Little of Visualisation Design'. Would be splendid if you could join me

That other web “linting” tool I mentioned at : :

Can hardly be called a DataViz. I have more elaborated visualizations in mind, but we ran out of time. And the main focus was to get it running again so the scientists in the artic can check if the stations are working properly.

Finished the line charts collection of Greenland data. The data is collected on different stations in the artic.

“HTML/CSS drawing in the style of an 18th-century oil painting.” 😮 😭 👏

I've got a DataViz task: redesign / reimplement charts of various Weather data from Greenland.
And wanted to ask if you guys could recommend a framework / libary?
(The data seems to be dynamic)

Current Version:
And Charts
(they don't seem to be working any more, it's old flash legacy code... "open-flash-chart")

As far as I understood is for static data.

Would the brite charts be an option?

I made some timely charts about with Oscars data for last week’s Strata Conf (hence O’Reilly style), but we ended up not using them, so… here you go. :)

Made with but intended for display on the big projection screens between talks, these were intended to loop and are not interactive.

I made two versions (mode and median) in an attempt to satisfy everyone who knows the difference and has an opinion.

Eek, my first big code and visualisation project is now live on the web. A (minimally) interactive visualisation of the biggest data breaches of 2017:

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