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Julian Hernàndez @Jules@vis.social

“Prof. Dr. Style: Top 10 Web Design Styles of 1993 (Vernacular Web 3)”


I ❤️❤️❤️ this. Thanks to caesuras.net/ for the pointer.

Also @scott are there any plans to make something like Tableau's MakeoverMonday? That would be cool.

Hey Viz peeps 😀 I found this database and thought it would be nice to share it with you guys here: rit-public.github.io/HappyDB/

If anyone makes something with it, please share it looks awesome.

Hey! What are some good resources or tips to get started on data journalism?

Any top secret that can be revealed would be appreciated 🤓

Didn't know about this nice hack to get interactive graphics into Medium blog posts: put an iframe into JSfiddle and then embed it vis.social/media/SeX378LX9s9jz vis.social/media/PbJSaXk-DoEp1
(used here medium.com/google-news-lab/wha)

btw, is Matthiew Daniels already in here somewhere?

vis.social has been live for <1 week and we already have 328 interesting folks here. I'd love your help getting the word out, especially to folks otherwise underrepresented in the field and online.

If we are able to create narratives that are globaly interconnected, while focusing on current struggles we will:

- realize that your struggle is mine as my struggle is yours
- recognize/empower each other
- understand the possibilities that emerge by connecting struggles we fight with those from others
- build up worldwide solidarity structure/actions
- create a global revolution

How to start?
Find out the connection between your struggles and others - relate them to different current events


Hi! I'm Julian, a recently graduated UX designer starting to explore the world of data visualization. I live in Colombia and I work at DataPico, a new data focused company in LatAm 👋