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Hey beautiful people.

Always make time to take care of yourself. It’s going to look different from day to day, but make sure you always have space for you.

It matters. It makes a difference.

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More line practice. Also using a different pencil for the lines. I like the texture it introduces

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A deck I did for an art show that was raising money to show the Tony Hawk foundation that we were trying to revamp the local skate park. Mine didn't sell but had apparently gotten many questions and inquiries about buying it.

If all goes well the foundation will donate the rest of the 500k needed to rebuild our local park.

Another page from my sketchbook, I used a couple of pages from a poetry book with some cut outs of a wolverine comic.

I used to have terrible night terrors, to cope I would collage and paint my way through it.

These couple of pages represents a subtle beginning to the horror that was to come.

An old page from my sketchbook came to surface after finding out about Stan Lee.

Hello everyone, I'm Kilo, new from tumblr, thought this might be a nice platform to share some of my artwork. I'm still a little confused about how this stuff works so please bare with me.
A little about me I'm male, currently engaged to my partner and mother of my daughter who is 4. Currently going to school to get a bachelor's degree in elementary education. I hope to make things long term here.

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