Last week's letters are starting to arrive at their destinations. project is moving ahead, again.

You can help fill in more of this map.

Here's how it works:

1. You sign up
2. I mail a sticker to you
3. You tell me when it arrives

Just solved a rather tricky stubborn bug, and I'm feeling ...umm...not too bad?

Starting a new week of drawings and thinking about clusters and nesting. Finished drawing is posted for my patrons now:

I resisted updating this, but decided to make some other small modifications in addition to updating the number.

How big is 500,000?

Feeling more squishy than nervy, while working on today's drawing. Finished piece is posted for my patrons:

¡Mil gracias a @kristinHenry !

La postal y la pegatina han llegado hoy y me han alegrado el día. Ya pensando en qué envío de vuelta.
Dadle un vistazo a su #generativeart y a su majisimo proyecto
#StickersAndStamps :anarchoheart3:

Feels so satisfyingly good to get these envelopes ready to go out with tomorrow's mail. All of the return envelopes have my new PO Box address on them, so I should be able to resume return trip travel times from participants.

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Just got back from my local post office, and I now have keys in hand to my new PO Box. Addressing envelopes tonight, and getting my backlog of stickers and letters ready to go out tomorrow.

Project is fully back on track! Woohoo!

Going even more nervy for today's drawing. Super happy with how this one turned out. The finished piece is available to my patrons:

From a coding perspective, I could update this visualization to 500,000 by modifying a single line of code. But I'm not sure I can bring myself to do it, from an emotional perspective.

Inspired by biomedia_lab's post about embroidery and Cajal drawings, I went in a neuro direction with today's drawing. Finished drawing is available to my Patrons:

Starting another week of drawings with some branching fractal growth. Finished drawing is on my Patreon:

Wrapping up another week of daily drawings, with a drawing that reminds me of origami sea turtles. The finished drawing, and a larger drawing I've been working on, is now online for my patrons:


Dr. Rudolf Modley, a student of Otto Neurath, popularized isotypes in the US through his Pictorial Statistics company. Its Telefacts were syndicated in newspapers across the country - via



Another really interesting student data visualisation project: ‘touch, touch, swipe’: how and why engage people with Instagram?

From the project course ‘Data Talks / Data Walks’ by and



Are you visualizing data relating to the energy domain? CfP for the 2nd Workshop on Energy Data Visualization. See for more info.


More play with partial 'Mystic Rose' geometry patterns in today's drawing. Also had successful start to a larger drawing, on better watercolor paper, which can be seen by my Patrons:

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