Here is . A little website that visualizes your Mastodon Network.

1. Enter your instance
2. Authorize the automatically created app
3. Load your network
4. Explore it

I narrowed the scope to read:account and read:follows.

Thanks for the feedback and @Gargron.

(The tool has no backend. All secrets and tokens are stored locally. You can copy the code and run it locally if you want to.)

Trailing slashes are now removed automatically form the instance URL. Making the tool slightly more robust.

If you find another bug, please let me know.

While I didn't think about mobile use, sigmaJS works nicely on touchscreens. I assume it will quickly become unusable if you follow many people. (Hiding edges helps a lot with performance.)

@Luca What kind of data does it use? Could more narrow scopes be used?

I realised the narrow scopes haven't been added to the docs since last release, so I just added them:

@Gargron I reduced it to read:accounts and read:follows.

I wonder if I could get rid of read:accounts as well. I only need it to get the ID of the account to fetch the followings.

@Luca mine oddly doesn't show me - is that intentional or am I missing it?

@alexhillman That's intentional, because every account would be connected to you. You can remix the code yourself, if you want to add yourself. I am not sure if I will get to add the option.

@Luca ah ha! Makes sense (though I know not everyone on my instance follows me)

@alexhillman The tool shows everyone you follow. I should make that clearer somewhere.

@Luca ohhhhhh I thought it was the full instance. That makes way more sense.

@catdad Did you remove the trailing backslash of the URL of your instance? (Yes, I should automatically check for it, but didn't get to it yet.)

@Luca Yeah I had to kill the tab 😂 I follow 493 people

@Gargron I am intrigued to visualize your followers. But that would probably take days only to collect the data.

@Luca Seems to doesn't work with single user instances sadly :(

@xefir The API only exposes connections between users on the same instance. Therefore it can't create cross-instance networks.

@Luca This looks neat but doesn’t work for me since my instance is a private one with only one user. 😀

@jamie Maybe I get to add some other stats about the accounts one follows to make it more interesting for people on private instances.

@Luca Can it support to save the graph as image and share on mastodon?

@revi Saving as image should be possible, sharing directly not, because there is no backend.

Will take a look later.

@Luca I'm trying to use the tool, but the get requests to my instance return 403 errors. Do you have any suggestions on what to do?

@Luca Sounds lovely, but appears not to be doing anything for me. The bar never starts going green. 8-(

@Luca Is there anything I can easily do to help you debug it?

@Luca It *has* worked for two of my accounts, but not my main one.

@RiderOfGiraffes Are there any error messages in the browser console?

@RiderOfGiraffes That helps. I will add a check for null values when I get to a computer.

@RiderOfGiraffes Thinking about it, the error may happen earlier. When retrieveing the accounts you follow.

@Luca The first error comes up when the "Authorise" finishes, before I click "Load"

@Luca When I click "Load followings" I get the second error.

@Luca But I have to go for a bit, I'll be back later in case I can help more.


@alfred I haven't tested it with Pleroma. I assume there is some small diffence in how authorization works.

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