Here is . A little website that visualizes your Mastodon Network.

1. Enter your instance
2. Authorize the automatically created app
3. Load your network
4. Explore it

I narrowed the scope to read:account and read:follows.

Thanks for the feedback and @Gargron.

(The tool has no backend. All secrets and tokens are stored locally. You can copy the code and run it locally if you want to.)

Trailing slashes are now removed automatically form the instance URL. Making the tool slightly more robust.

If you find another bug, please let me know.


While I didn't think about mobile use, sigmaJS works nicely on touchscreens. I assume it will quickly become unusable if you follow many people. (Hiding edges helps a lot with performance.)

@Luca Yeah I had to kill the tab 😂 I follow 493 people

@Gargron I am intrigued to visualize your followers. But that would probably take days only to collect the data.

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