Only two of those gave me the number of outgoing connections aka peers. Those two had 15 904 and 14 106.

Hinting at a massive problem with the data.

Overall I only have outgoing connections from 269 instances.

But when I look at the API by hand they don't hide the info. I have to stop the analysis and debug my script before proceeding. Sorry.


So many error codes. I think I should add that info as well to see if certain parts of the fediverse are broken. (In the past the visualization didn't care if an instance existed or not. Only if another instance listed it as a peer.)

@Luca nur netto interessant meine Meinung, auch hier 🤷‍♂️

@moellus Ich finde es interessant wie viele es nicht mehr gibt. Aber ja, die meisten werden nur die derzeit funktionierenden interessieren.

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