I removed those nodes (which are all dead anyways).

Let's look at the different areas of the big hairball at the bottom.

Left side in blue, seems to be dominated by friendica instances.

Below them in black are the biggest Mastodon instances like mastodon.social and chaos.social.

Bottom right in orange sound Japanese.

Not sure what the top ones in green have in common. They got many incoming peers as well, but no common theme.

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What's that pink cluster at the top? 31 998 gab[.]best instances. Or just domains? I assume they tried that to circumvent instance level blocks.

The only instance they are connected to? beehub.

(I wasn't involved with the Fediverse for some years. Feel free to explain what's going on.)

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New day, new try.

as of 2022-04-29.

I found 61 266 instances and 6 217 452 connections (peers). This includes non-functional ones because my script can't differentiate them yet.

1 455 returned info about the instance, 2 547 returned peers. That's an indication for the number of active instances which support the v1 API.

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Just discovered the great project fediverse.space/, which was inspired by one of my older works. It's an interactive network of the and calculates the edges based on mentions between instances. Currently it contains 2445 instances.

/via @anneroth @sozialwelten

So many error codes. I think I should add that info as well to see if certain parts of the fediverse are broken. (In the past the visualization didn't care if an instance existed or not. Only if another instance listed it as a peer.)

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You can now search for with and choosing if you want to get only results from one instance or its federated results.


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- 761 of 2044 instances responded (api/v1/timelines/public?local=true)
- Up to 4k Toots per instance
- 231 510
- 42 900 different hashtags

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seems to properly mark hashtags in the text, but not add them in the appropriate field of the API.

(Filed a bug report moments ago. It's not a big problem, but probably easy to fix.)

Clicking on a shows the instances it was recently used on.

Clicking on a instance shows the hashtags that were recently used there.

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Core of the hashtag network. Instances are white with fixed size, hashtags colored and size by number of uses.

Most used in the collected Toots:
2 825
2 130

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Network visualization: Mastodon Instances - Hashtags

- 2 284 instances from fediverse.network/mastodon
- 2 000 public Toots (API) per instance
- Hashtags of those Toots

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Small improvement to :
You can now select accounts and see their network within your network.


While I didn't think about mobile use, sigmaJS works nicely on touchscreens. I assume it will quickly become unusable if you follow many people. (Hiding edges helps a lot with performance.)

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I narrowed the scope to read:account and read:follows.

Thanks for the feedback @BoF@mstdn.fr and @Gargron.

(The tool has no backend. All secrets and tokens are stored locally. You can copy the code and run it locally if you want to.)

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