This week has been crazy good. I just started a new series of on ing with here, where I currently live, . It was for free and I even sort it out a free coffee for the people who show up!
In this 1st instalment we went over: basic graphic design history, concept, career, how to do traditional (AKA ) with

All the materials will be somewhere soon where everyone can find it

Available at

Frama Vox is a free service of collaborative decision making. It lets discuss specific topics with his team (by notifying his colleagues), and vote on proposals. Frama vox based on free software loomio. More info at

Yes, I will definitely go! :) I'm just wondering if Saturday or Sunday.

@Pedro It depends on what you like from the program (most talks are in Czech though). Saturday is always stronger in the number of attendees. So not considering the program I'd recommend Saturday.

Yup, I think Saturday is a winner. I already have my favorites :)

Oh hi there! I like it. I like how active and dynamic is the city(Prague), full of culture events. I love the how public transportation actually works and I enjoy snow and snowboarding in the Jesenik mountains. Cold and lack of sun is still difficult to accept but nothing to worry about. :)

@Pedro nice. I'm also an expat, but from a bit closer foreign country, Slovakia, so that's not that difficult for me to adapt 😊

@pkotrcka Cool! And are you living here in Prague? We can always meet up and grab a beer.

@Pedro yes yes, over 7 years now. Of course we can 👍👍

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