@sesivany I think they are quite similar and both share the same positive aspects
- Change for a FOSS font
- The attempt to create distance between Facebook color and fedora color
- The f doesn't have the bar across (horizontal stroke that use to cross the letter making it one more factor to contribute to those facebook logo similarities

If in the first the stoke thickness of the infinity symbol looks to big in the second the symbol and the lettering look like they are fighting for attention (

@sesivany (not part of the same element)

And I somehow would be curious to see if iterating on that f (see image) wouldn't give us well round solution but the symbol could be done in a way that it would replace the f as the initial, as a custom f letter, instead of having 2 visual elements communicating the idea of f.

All in all, and for a non fedora user, I think it's an amazing step for Fedora :) and it's amazing how well organized and open the community is!

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