@sesivany I couldn't stop think about it 😅 so I end up to do a very low draft on gimp, iterating from one of the previews from blog to clarify what I meant. [Missing new font]

Basically keeping on of the loop as in loop for progression and loop of always iterating and opening the upper loop to 1) Create distance between a fish silhouette 2) To emphasize the F in fedora that is different from any other f {f*c*book} 3) to symbolize open communication, ongoing conversation. @fedoracz

@sesivany @Pedro @fedoracz Interesting concept.

However, I don't like it. It's trying too hard and going against the trend of making logotype simpler so it can be used more broadly. (Examples: twitter.com/DIA_Mitch/status/1 & underconsideration.com/brandne)

…Also, it could be easily mistaken for a styled "Sedora".

@mairin @sesivany @Pedro @fedoracz
(I really like the concept #2 shapes and colors, BTW.

Also, please don't let my critique in the previous message get in the way of experimentation. 😉)

yup @mairin the direction I was heading was something like that! The ligature might feel too forced and probably I wouldn't close so much the upper arch.

I just read now your toot @garrett and yes I guess it was what I was trying to convey in my previous paragraph :p and critiques are always welcome.

Sorry if I just added noise :/ I was just trying to work a way where the "open dialogue" "communication" is still present in the logo without forcing too much the infinity
@sesivany @fedoracz

@Pedro @garrett @sesivany @fedoracz more playing with the idea - what do you think? the ligature is probably too much. i think my favorite is the upper right. the f element can be used as a standalone symbol if needed.


I agree @mairin the upper right looks promising, perhaps with a less pronounced tail or with a taller stem as in the lower right. Which will likely avoid the confusion with letter d as @garrett pointed out

@sesivany @fedoracz

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