I have been using simplenote this past year or so and it's quite a simple and yet cool note taking appthat stays out of the way. Nevertheless, inspired by one of Lunduke's videos, I decided to look for an alternative where I have more control over the actual data (preferably txt) and yet with features I miss on simplenote (subnotes/subpages, images, tables, tasks...) and I rediscovered on my old favorites! It has been a blast! Easy to use and saves txt that I can syncthing with phone

@Pedro i've been running into the same frustrations with different note apps and their limitations. i love for writing content because i can easily embed formatting. i've fallen in love with for many many reasons. i'm using on my ipad and for when i'm on a different computer. it is all synced through . so far this is better than any single app or ecosystem that i've found.


Thx @misterchad I will def. look into typora and writebox (I was unaware of them). But I really fell in love with it’s so powerful (specially when you play around with all the plugins available) and yet easy. Plus I really love the file format: txt or you can export it as html and it will automatically create de sub pages and all so I can have in my private server ready to share with someone (let’s say a knowledge base or other read only info to be easy to refer to someone)

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