I have have been having a blast with ( and I'm very thankful for all th private messages/emails :)

On 25th of this month, April, we celebrate the Day (which commemorates the revolution) and so in that spirit I have been thinking to release all the illustrations and possibly layouts (need to review them first though) under some license. Any thoughts? And where would be the best place to host the files?

@inkscape @conservancy @Framasoft @OpenCulture so I end up, after a couple of failed attempts and frustration with wiki commons, choosing @github. Expect to see future commits on Not only assets will be there but it's my intent to write step by step my processes in the hopes to deliver a kind of recipe for creating and printing your own calendar using

so and after removing my wiki commons page (supposedly due to spam?!) :

It's a work in progress though still many assets to add

^ use it and abuse it and ! Everything is under CC BY-SA 4.0

@Pedro @inkscape @conservancy @OpenCulture
It may depends on the licence, but maybe Internet Archive, Wikimedia Commons...?

@Pedro @inkscape @conservancy @Framasoft @OpenCulture If not too late, do consider GitLab over GitHub as they also offer site hosting but are releasing their products as free software vs GitHub's proprietary platform.

@downey @inkscape @conservancy @Framasoft @OpenCulture oh thanks for the info! Unfortunately I already started commiting to GitHub. Nevertheless I will look into that. It's always good to be aware

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