@inkscape workshop was really cool. Learn some tricks wrt alpha version; exchange techniques and shortcuts and most of all we could express and influence the upcoming version! The developers really listened and were eager to share and discuss. And play with amusing laser cuts toys by Jürgen Weigert ❤️. devs were there as well and so I couldn't resist but show my appreciation by giving to every developer (present) from these lovely tools ❤️🤩 THANK YOU!

Really enjoy Tatica's talk and her idea for a design/art academy/certificate for libre artists/designers @libregraphicsmeeting source

So interesting talk by Ana Isabel and Ricardo Lafuente ❤️ terminology is indeed important!

The first time I tried Linux out was with @kde with or even but since then somehow I drifted away (either from Linux altogether) or to a more Gnome based distros these last years. But let me tell you how well impressed I am with the current . After trying it out on Neon and Kubuntu live flash drive it's now my default DE! I urge you to try it out as well. Plus it made my battery last an extra hour or so.

wow I kinda love @noisemakerbot look what it did with this image from portucalio.com/blog project!

(Noisemaker is an adaptation of classic procedural noise generation algorithms, for Python 3 and TensorFlow. by Alex Ayars)

Happy Valentine's day! From today Feb 14th till 17th every single penny from any Portucalio.com/blog calendar sold goes to libre software. This means you will receive at your home a free calendar with motifs done exclusively with free software. @conservancy @fsf @fsfe

January, A sea of tiles. Inspired by hand-painted Portuguese tiles I tried to convey its non-perfect and yet humanistic details while highlighting, here and there, individual tile pieces that come together as little geometric fishes.
^ Portucalio.com/

The video was done with

Music preview: Sara Tavares, One Love

Portucalio.com the thematic calendar with Portuguese motifs. Done with @inkscape

the video was done with and featuring all months.

Ó gente da minha terra
Artist: Mariza
Composer: Tiago Machado
Lyricist: Amália Rodrigues

The end of a year,
The start of a new exciting adventure.

Illustration made with @inkscape

In need of a ? What about Portucalio? (calendar done by me with FOSS)

This week has been crazy good. I just started a new series of on ing with here, where I currently live, . It was for free and I even sort it out a free coffee for the people who show up!
In this 1st instalment we went over: basic graphic design history, concept, career, how to do traditional (AKA ) with

All the materials will be somewhere soon where everyone can find it

So #1 comes to an end but tomorrow there is more! It was cool to talk with folks @redhatcz and discuss Fedora with guys over @FedoraCZ booth, win a T-shirt @opensuse competition and play in the @moznews corner.

is on! Who woulda though I would meet fellow friends from Spain and Brazil here in Prague? :)

If you are in Portugal don't miss the Open Source Lisbon 2018, the biggest Open Source event in Portugal. OSL 2018 is supported by the Portuguese distro Caixa Mágica* (on of my first distros :)

Live on youtube! youtube.com/watch?v=akKR1rK5Ir


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