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@Pedro Ah, I just found out what I forgot to mention. You have to uncheck "Enable advanced web interface" in Settings/Look.

@sesivany weird it didn't work... but I went back having multiple panes anyway.

@sesivany I did it but in your screenshot one of the columns has wider with whereas on my case, even after upining stuff, I still get the same with for all 3 columns

@sesivany hm interesting how one would start to use it? (name/link?) thanks

@lgm @lgm
welcome @ale and thanks for all your effort 🤙👌🎉

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New Inkscope Podcast episode available with Marc, Martin, Michèle, Ryan and Tim talking about Community issues, upcoming Inkscape 1.0 with support for macOS, hackfests, and some of the latest Inkscape news:

#inkscape #floss #community #hackfest #podcast

@sustainrelease Oh Hi Marc! Indeed you can :) didn't know you were here, cool!

Oh my! GIMP has now layer support for TIFF (thanks Tobias Ellinghaus from ) and a revamped Curves tool interface control+click to add a point that snaps to the current curve, adding sharp point instead of soft and even the point selection that seems to be much better (it tries to select without changing its position)

Well done and thanks @GIMP

@ohyran @lgm @aiscarvalho @rlafuente yup, same here. Libre might be quite easier to explain and spread. FLOSS can always raise some eyebrows specially in marketing department etc (even though it might be less ambiguous) 🤔

@inkscape workshop was really cool. Learn some tricks wrt alpha version; exchange techniques and shortcuts and most of all we could express and influence the upcoming version! The developers really listened and were eager to share and discuss. And play with amusing laser cuts toys by Jürgen Weigert ❤️. devs were there as well and so I couldn't resist but show my appreciation by giving to every developer (present) from these lovely tools ❤️🤩 THANK YOU!

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freieFarbe is a nonprofit working on free color standards, references and tools based on CIELAB. even their color atlasses are CC licenced! #lgm19 #lgm2019 #lgm @lgm

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#lgm19 Presentation after that was someone suggesting that the open source graphics community should consider coming up with certification process for the floss art programs, so that there's a way for artists to show proficiency with the components without just showing pretty pictures.

It seemed this is also to have some kind of alternative to university degrees, esp. for self-taught people or dropouts.

Really enjoy Tatica's talk and her idea for a design/art academy/certificate for libre artists/designers @libregraphicsmeeting source

So interesting talk by Ana Isabel and Ricardo Lafuente ❤️ terminology is indeed important!

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