Do you know that document you have been delaying since last year? I think the time is now! Why not doing it and submit it ; )

@libreoffice @adfinis

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Consistency, easy to recognize UI elements, are key!🔑

Watch' talk on our efforts and the improvements for the Online GUI!
13:00 UTC, Room1 #oSLO2020 #OpenSource #UX #UI

Read more:

Live at & 2020:

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User experience relies on easy to recognize interfaces. #UX #UI

At 16:00 UTC, on the Spanish track of #oSLO2020 hear' talk in Portuguese on improvements on the #CollaboraOnline UI. 🇧🇷 🇵🇹 #foss



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Looking for Inspiration for the looong weekend 😜 ?!

Take this pro-tip: a list of cool #easyHacks on the new #CollaboraOnline infra - Mentoring included!

Will you be one of the new contributors shining in the next weekly blog? 💪 #hacktoberfest2020

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Together with our friends from @ubuntu and @CollaboraOffice we're happy to announce the availability of an Ubuntu Appliance with #Nextcloud!!! 💻

Read more about it and try it out today 🚀

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Next experience ... Introducing Collabora Online with the Nextcloud Ubuntu Appliance 👌 Easy to deploy on Intel NUC.

Read all, get it:

And don't miss those by and !

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Announcing Collabora Office for Chromebook!

Looking for a richly featured office app for your Chromebook, that lets you store files directly in a private storage?
Get Collabora Office now 🌞

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Great news today 🎉

Collabora Online is the default office and collaboration app in 19 Hub – released today!
With an easy single click-installation. Wonderful for home users and fans of LibreOffice online 🌞

Read more

#homeoffice #privacy

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Did you know that ownCloud Enterprise lets you safely grant access to #confidential documents with maximum control? It integrates with #Collabora to deliver #SecureView, watermarking documents to prevent editing, copying and printing. Learn more:

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Man, I love #nextcloud, they are really fighting the good fight and nailing it. Also really happy to see them promoting @CollaboraOffice again over… I honestly forgot their names… well, you know who I'm referring to

@rzr @lgm @CollaboraOffice @lgm I already sent my slides :) even before my presentation so, I think it will be available as soon as they can

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At June 1st started.🎈 An exciting time for both participants and people mentoring them. Read this blog about experienced #Collabora developers helping students working on and other projects! 🌞 #gsoc #gsoc20 #opensource

Here 👉

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LGM 2020 - Integrating others in your design workflow: Using Collabora Online By Pedro Silva

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in about 30 minutes I will be having a workshop on drawing with code in #LGM2020

Interested in #FOSS / #FLOSS or #artwithopensource or interested in learning #processing, or simply curious to see how to think of programming as an aesthethic tool. Come watch the livestream and join us in the IRC. The workshop completely beginner friendly, no prior programming experience required! :)

Good point @qwazix :) I thought the same (that it was a chiefly British way of saying program) and most definitely it’s not wrong/ improper or at least I do not perceived as such. Anyhow half the characters used here could have been put at better use in form of a bug ticket @ChrisTalleras at least it would be easier for @lgm to manage it and possibly track it.

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