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Have you considered contributing to #OpenStreetMaps? It's like Wikipedia but for maps - a map that everybody can edit! Today, the NSW Address Import project added thousands of addresses for West Pennant Hills, Warrawee, and West Pymble.

If you know those areas, check it out and start mapping!

#opensource #gis

@Cobalt I have used extensibly and I highly recommend. I'm using the the development version though 1.5.1 (the most stable version of these bleeding edge btanch, they are already onto the 1.5.4 but the official stable version is 1.4.7). In all honesty the features and the bug fixes outweigh some of the instability that might arrise. Nevertheless and if you are a fellow cartoonist you might want to give a try (I never used it), it was created by a cartoonist/dev!

I have been using simplenote this past year or so and it's quite a simple and yet cool note taking appthat stays out of the way. Nevertheless, inspired by one of Lunduke's videos, I decided to look for an alternative where I have more control over the actual data (preferably txt) and yet with features I miss on simplenote (subnotes/subpages, images, tables, tasks...) and I rediscovered on my old favorites! It has been a blast! Easy to use and saves txt that I can syncthing with phone

@rugk @inkscape ...for accomplished such implementation that doesn't occupy that much vertical space. Somehow even shorter then one of the other variants (traditional menu or group bar). All in all is good to see options and freedom for the users :) ❤️

@rugk @inkscape I don't think I made myself clear, I meant there is nothing traditional of having a context properties side panel (when compared with the traditional menus of word 2000 for example). This was something that iWorks became known for and later on libre office (not sure about timeline though) nevertheless, as a ux designer, I can't fadom the advantages of having that pattern on any design or stop software. Anyhow kudos for all libre Office team for ...

@daycode they have been having troubles finding a committed developer who would be responsible for packaging the lastest versions into dmgs. Meanwhile I would suggest to :
- install a Linux distro (Ubuntu for example) alongside your Mac os
- or install the live version of any distro into a USB drive with enough space (min 4 or 6 GB). This would allow you to install and work with inkscape latest version and save directly into the USB drive without the need of modifying your Mac

@rugk @inkscape For context purposes I prefer a side panel anytime with properties and tools somewhere else. Nevertheless it's really cool to see that option available on libre office. Now my girlfriend has no reason to avoid the switch Xp

@rugk @inkscape I do understand the advantages of the ribbon menu pattern specially on the web (news media, org websites etc) but in all honesty, as a user, it never seduced me. I suspect that's due my years using Mac and design software and in parallel /only linux. Didn't take much time thinking about it but I always felt lost in Ms word (not only I need to guess where a specific tool is under each group but that order/visibility changes depending on the context:/

@Sylphox @ChrisWere that’s what I have been waiting for! It will most def. save me a couple of seconds in the future screenshots (I always end up either wrongly saving to the cloud or taking an extra moment to see the tooltip and to be sure I choose the right button) thanks for the tip!

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@conservancy @fsfe

Where to buy the calendar (the totality of that money will be donated, excluding shipment): Any questions can be directed to me or to this email

@conservancy @fsfe

Upon receiving confirmation of your payment I will personally donate to a project of your liking from within @conservancy Or, if you prefer, I can also donate without specifying any project through @fsf or

If you prefer, your donation can also go to @fsfe . You should receive an email from one of these organizations and a public thank you.

Happy Valentine's day! From today Feb 14th till 17th every single penny from any calendar sold goes to libre software. This means you will receive at your home a free calendar with motifs done exclusively with free software. @conservancy @fsf @fsfe

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I built a thing!

#mastodon explorer.

Find people to follow across the fediverse!

Every hour it scrapes the /explore of every safe mastodon instance on 2.7 and pulls down recent toots of popular tags. I even made the follow, like and reblog links work.

I also made it not show images for posts marked sensitive.

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