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oh name dropping like this Mr. David : p well that website is not being updated for many years : / missing a couple of projects

also check (Backstage has some info on the workflow) portucalio.com/blog/

and I currently work at @CollaboraOffice

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We are glad to announce the release of CODE 6.4.7 🌻

This update is packed with new features 💪

🖌️ New Draw component
⚙️ Run macros
📊 CSV export
📱 UI improvements
➕ much more

Get the latest version of #CollaboraOnline Dev and help us test it 👉 collaboraoffice.com/release-ne

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New code snippets available in our #SDK documentation👌

Learn from the simple examples how to integrate #CollaboraOnline using @nodejs@twitter.com ! ⚙️ #nodejs
Benefit from powerful collaboration, excellent file support and rich features.
👉 sdk.collaboraonline.com/docs/e

#foss #cool_dev #gdpr

Do you know that document you have been delaying since last year? I think the time is now! Why not doing it and submit it ; )

@libreoffice @adfinis


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Consistency, easy to recognize UI elements, are key!🔑

Watch @PedroPS@twitter.com' talk on our efforts and the improvements for the Online GUI!
13:00 UTC, Room1 #oSLO2020 #OpenSource #UX #UI

Read more: events.opensuse.org/conference

Live at @openSUSE@twitter.com & @libreoffice@twitter.com 2020: conference.libreoffice.org/202

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User experience relies on easy to recognize interfaces. #UX #UI

At 16:00 UTC, on the Spanish track of #oSLO2020 hear @PedroPS@twitter.com' talk in Portuguese on improvements on the #CollaboraOnline UI. 🇧🇷 🇵🇹 #foss

Details: events.opensuse.org/conference

Rooms: conference.libreoffice.org/202

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Looking for Inspiration for the looong weekend 😜 ?!

Take this pro-tip: a list of cool #easyHacks on the new #CollaboraOnline infra - Mentoring included! collaboraonline.github.io/post

Will you be one of the new contributors shining in the next weekly blog? 💪 #hacktoberfest2020

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Together with our friends from @ubuntu and @CollaboraOffice we're happy to announce the availability of an Ubuntu Appliance with #Nextcloud!!! 💻

Read more about it and try it out today 🚀

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Next experience ... Introducing Collabora Online with the Nextcloud Ubuntu Appliance 👌 Easy to deploy on Intel NUC.

Read all, get it:

And don't miss those by @ubuntu@twitter.com and @Nextclouders@twitter.com !

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Announcing Collabora Office for Chromebook!

Looking for a richly featured office app for your Chromebook, that lets you store files directly in a private storage?
Get Collabora Office now 🌞


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Great news today 🎉

Collabora Online is the default office and collaboration app in @Nextclouders@twitter.com 19 Hub – released today!
With an easy single click-installation. Wonderful for home users and fans of LibreOffice online 🌞

Read more collaboraoffice.com/press-rele

#homeoffice #privacy

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Did you know that ownCloud Enterprise lets you safely grant access to #confidential documents with maximum control? It integrates with #Collabora to deliver #SecureView, watermarking documents to prevent editing, copying and printing. Learn more: owncloud.com/lp/secure-view/?u

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