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This week has been crazy good. I just started a new series of on ing with here, where I currently live, . It was for free and I even sort it out a free coffee for the people who show up!
In this 1st instalment we went over: basic graphic design history, concept, career, how to do traditional (AKA ) with

All the materials will be somewhere soon where everyone can find it

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@aral @andreipetcu Mozilla gets money from search engines. The most popular is Google. If the most popular would become DuckDuckGo or Qwant then Firefox would switch it's default. Mozilla does not fight surveilance capitallism on the search engine side but ignoring all the work it does in this regard is simply not fair. Just check No other browser vendor comes close to the work Mozilla is doing.

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It's quite refreshing to only read posts from people you follow. No "You may like", "XY likes", "Suggested", "Sponsored",... posts. And in the order they have been posted. Sometimes less is more. #backtotheroots #mastodon

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Hey :)

the data protection /privacy / anti-surveillance-community works on pads about ethic alternatives to Google and Facebook services.

As a community we want to find and describe more alternatives. Therefore we need your help. So feel free to participate or at least to retoot. #CommunityPower

#Facebook :facebook:

#Google :google:

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So #1 comes to an end but tomorrow there is more! It was cool to talk with folks @redhatcz and discuss Fedora with guys over @FedoraCZ booth, win a T-shirt @opensuse competition and play in the @moznews corner.

is on! Who woulda though I would meet fellow friends from Spain and Brazil here in Prague? :)

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Not only polygon/vox directs you to change browser settings to opt out, the popup never goes away...


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The first of four #InkscapeHackfest videos was just published! Discussion about the #UI. Watch now: :inkscape:!

Hey! After a discussion with a fellow friend of mine (Dev.) and his complaints about the lack of templates for Inkscape on android layout... I decided to start something like that with all guidelines, paddings, etc.

It's public under GNU GPLv3,

@inkscape @conservancy @Curator

Thanks, @conservancy I really enjoyed Miss Nicholson's talk @ on the benefits of and what's the @conservancy role.

And such a good way to win the audience from the starts :D
"I was reading a little bit about Portugal and I found that you[Portuguese] are the inventor of marmalade "

also issue.

Collaborate with everyone
"[...] so..I'm collaborating with my competitor"

Volvo and its proprietary code

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"Starting this Thanksgiving I am going to write a complete Unix-compatible software system called #GNU (for Gnu's Not Unix), and give it away free to everyone who can use it."

Original announcement of the GNU Project by Richard #RMS Stallman on September 27, 1983: #HappyBirthday and thanks for all the freedom!


Gustavo Homem former president of (representer of all Portuguese companies that use opensource in some way) and now CTO @SolidAngle now starting!

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