This Thursday in #berlin: #vvvv Patching Circle with special guest "everyoneishappy" of Instance-Noodles and FieldTrip fame.

He'll be there to answer all your questions.

Event details:

191101 [033]. WIP on an upcoming data driven art installation. Simulations calculating the differential exposure of the ground plane to the sun's radiation in an urban environment (Bavanagudi, Bangalore in this instance) form one of three parts of the installation.

Here is the recording of last nights stream of the 14th #vvvv meetup in #berlin

With a presentation by takuma about his Adobe residyncy and demos of #rcp by @joreg and Karios by dottore

#visualprogramming #creativecoding #creativecomputing

This Saturday - join @papercranelab and @codebale in our 4th CCsante Meetup in Bangalore.
We're going to be doing a bit of show and tell, and a lot of pair programming (All expertise levels are welcome). Join us and share your work with us.

CCSanté Meetup v4 is here! Join Codebale studio and Papercranelab next Saturday Bangalore as we talk about creative coding and practice.
This meetup, we're also excited to hear more about your work, so if you're interested in sharing your work/learnings/experiments, send it to .
RSVP to and DM us if you have any questions :)

Comparing annual wind speeds and temperatures across 9 major Indian cities. Surprising results wrt Hyderabad, Pune and Kolkata in particular. Had to double check raw data.

191002 [28]. Slightly different encoding of historical weather data across 4 major cities in India. Color represents outdoor temperature, distance of circles from center and their radii indicate wind speeds. Each circle represents a single hour in a year. Made with .

190930 [027]. Historical wind and temperature data of Bangalore. Made with code in .
01 - Basic encoding process. Color represents temperature. Angle of line indicates wind direction. Length of like indicates wind speed
02 - Arrow direction and length represent wind direction and speed. Color indicates temperature.
03 - Distance of circles from center mark wind speeds. Color represents temperature.

Interested in data visualization but afraid of the coding it usually requires? This workshop is for data scientists and graphic designers, who want to learn a new way to work with data in their process of making 2d graphics:

Getting Started with Data Visualization

Wednesday, September 25th in #Berlin


#vvvv #visualprogramming #creativecomputation #creativecoding #dataviz

190916 [026]. Realtime wind data driving particle movement. Made with in . @codebale

190828 [025]. Violin solo by L Shankar, featured in the movie Queen of the damned. Made in using methods originally developed in and techniques presented by elekktronaut for touchdesigner

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