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Want to learn about generative design without writing code? Join our "Getting started with Generative Design Algorithms" workshop using the all-new #vvvv

This friday, full day, in #berlin

#visualprogramming #creativecoding #generativedesign

An East German built this computer using a book back in the early 80s. He had to make trips to West Berlin to buy the RAM chips using a day pass. It's a Z80 clone based around the MME U880.

#visualprogramming redefined

After more than 6 years in the making we're happy to release a preview of vvvv gamma, our new visual programming environment for .NET

#vvvv #vl #dotnet #programming

Rehash of an old technique in to create generative portraits. All source images from the amazing repository.

Pointillism effect. Experiments in . These were originally coded in a different interface, wanted to try out vvvv's mode of realtime development. Was really really interesting.

Our crowdsourced list of Women in Generative Art is now online. It's just a starting point, so get in touch if you'd like to be added or have your info corrected. I still need to add mastodon account, and more.

This experiment has been running now for nearly a year. Can you believe it? Your consideration donations to cover hosting fees have been put to good use, but the balance is now down to zero, so I'm covering costs myself.

If you like this strange place and want it to continue, I’d appreciate a small one-time donation:$alignedleft

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