Been drawing this one with only a pencil preset, trying to look for those soft texture effects here, an illustration for my next blog post.

A bit slow since I'm also painting side by side with this one a little gift for my wife. πŸ™ƒ

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@Quiralta Wow, that looks good and less cutting sharp as your previous line-art (I'm biased on that, you know I prefer soft textured line-art). I'm also impressed at how you control your line path. Very fluid.
(And cool centered interface)

Thank you very much David! πŸ™
I think is the first time I'm trying the same method in Krita as I do in paper/pencil, is definitely much more difficult than looking at one's hand while stroking the lines, (for hatching) but the stabilizer is a great help here!

I must admit I'm a "clean-cut" junkie when doing digital artπŸ˜…, maybe because I'm able to see with zoom! But this is definitely refreshing, trying a bit on the rough/smooth edges.πŸ™ƒ

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