Started shopping for budget web hosting, any recommendations among the cheapest?

I'm inclined to get dreamhost so far, but still looking around.

Just need a single (or possible two) simple websites, no need for anything fancy or tech, WP preferred but not essential

(Important) with capacity of doing bare bone e-commerce. (mini store) like woocommerce/similar in WP.

Suggestions are much appreciated. :)

Thank you guys for the comments, this is like when I go to the bakery, just can't make my mind with so many options!! 😁

Yesterday as I was looking for information I also came across the place called namecheap (known for domain services aparently). seems cheap too, almost too cheap even for shared hosting. Anyone have any experience with them?

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@Quiralta I can't speak to DH being the cheapest, but they're certainly one of my favorite places to host. I'm sure they're pretty competitive.

@Quiralta Long time DH customer, really like their service. If you're interested, let me know and I'll shoot you my referral code for a discount.

@Quiralta I really like You get shell access, they have really good documentation and it's pay what you want (5€ recommended for I think 10GB).

@Quiralta was with namecheap, now with dreamhost for ( not too much difference between the two with a slight preference towards dreamhost's sheer amount of options on the backend. they offer weebly's type of website building too.

@kradeelav Ah! Thanks for the input! I'm glad you mention it, due to my situation right now, I can only afford a barebone hosting, hoping it will be a tiny bit better than the free space at

So I've after checking many options and companies, finally I did narrow it down to those two. The good price in DH is for 3 year while NC is 1, I think I'm going for NC just to test the waters for the first year.🙃

btw cool web site, and is fast too!👍🏼

@Quiralta sounds smart, definitely a good move to not lock yourself in for too long! :>

(Thank you for the kind words in return! 100% hand coded everything except the logs, so speed was definitely one of the things I was hoping with minimal html, haha. glad it works!)

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