Did a test print on shirt of my "VanillaBerry" design, direct to garment isn't going to cut it for what I'm looking for but isn't so bad, still screen printing is a better option, I might have some for sale by the end of this year, but probably with a different design 🙃

@craigmaloney yes, from stickermule, details are fine but I personally don't like the faded look 😅

@Quiralta you might want to try Redbubble. I've had good luck with their designs. Also Custom Ink seems to do pretty well.

I will put it on my notes!
Just yesterday I was talking with a fellow artist who just started a printing business, its local to me too, I'm actually planning my next print with him, just need an interesting one-two color design😄

@Quiralta Go local if you can, but check out Redbubble so you don't have to keep inventory. Trust me on this one. 😁

@Quiralta I like how your definition of "this isn't going to cut it" and "need a different design" is my definition of "absolutely gorgeous, I want it". :blobcatinnocent:

😅 Thanks!
I meant for practical purposes, this many colors in screen print will come out very expensive, I need to "flat" it even more to keep the cost down🙃

Interesting! Although for screen printing isn't how much paint is used, but the number of colors, since each one requires a different "screen", similar technique as in wood block printing.

@Quiralta Right! Dithering was a technique used with old computers to fake more color than your hardware actually supported. The smaller the pixels / image and longer your distance from the monitor, the smoother and higher-color it looked.

For example, this attached image from 1994 only uses 14 colors. I'm attaching both the original scale and a zoomed up version to show how its done.

In your case most of the image is using solid colors except where the colors meet, creating a soft gradient. Reducing the gradient there - possibly with dither but not necessarily - could drastically reduce the amount of colors involved :blobcatthinking2:

Sorry if you don't actually want to hear this stuff, I can get overly excited when presented with a puzzle :blobmiou:

Oh! That's actually awesome! In my head I was thinking dithering as in simply removing dots from the colors like "hatching", didn't thought on actually blending two colors! 😅 In fact, on my image there is no blending, in the shirt looks soft due to print nature, but, by blending two colors I can produce a visual "third color" for other shapes (e.g. flowers) giving me a bit more flexibility with screen printing.😁
Thank you so much for the tip/explanation! the highlight of my day! 🙏🏼

@Quiralta The design and colors are very good; perfect for a tee-shirt or goodies. 👍

Thanks David!🙏🏼 I'm getting positive comments on it, I think I should print some stuff with it 😊

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