Super happy to announce that I would have two of my pieces in La Luz de Jesus Gallery in Los Angeles in a group show called Everything but the Kitchen Sink.
If you happen to be on town check it out!🙂 👍🏼

Another little set is going to be available at my store (or dm) this is the Q-Pop RTBT group (red team-blue team 😄)

Thanks!😊 I haven't go back to the shirt design as a couple of new projects came up, but a least i found a place where I may be able to do them. 😁

Starting making the next Q-Pop "group", having fun using some color for a change 😁

And I made new stickers and acrylic pins, they will be also available on my store as a little bundle or dm me🙏🏼

💀 👸🏼

My Summer Sale!

The "Frutsy Q-Pop" set found a new home!🙏🏼 the "Punk Q-Pop" is now live on my store or you can also DM if interested, they come with a couple of stickers, free shipping 🙂

Showing front and back of pieces.

This is a preview of the first set I made, (they are going to be available individually) Looking at them kind of looks like an Idol group, Q-Pop I guess 😄 , just waiting for my pins to arrive so I can put the bundles on my store tomorrow or if you are interested just dm.

Front and back views

I'm making some little pieces for my summer sale (aka, my website bill is coming 😅 ) they are a 3x3 in, archival inks, and will come with a couple of stickers. If you know someone insterested please let them know!🙏🏼 😊

@Sasukecoochieha Thank you so much!!🙏🏼🙏🏼 🙏🏼 Just waiting for the confirmation at the gallery to show the full preview!🙂

Berry-pop WIP
Almost done with this second piece, and then to the submissions!!🤞🏼 😁

@WeMKi Actually I didn't like yellow until very recently 😅 some how is kind of working, I think it brightens up the black and white illustrations a bit. Next piece is going to be pink-ish though for a different fruit flavor 🍭 😁

Lollipop-Mango WIP
Starting my submission pieces for this year postcard show, wish me luck!🤞🏼 🙏🏼 🙂

Thank you!🙏🏼
Is in a way one of those happy accidents, as those are almost the only colors I have 😅

Doing a set of pieces for Higgins in IG, using their inks and supplies, I haven't used color ink in ages, I'm not the watercolor type so I'm experimenting a bit trying to paint "flat" instead. 😅

I call this one "Pinnaple Cake"😁

Thank you!!🙏🏼 No color for this one aside some accents in red 🔴😁

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