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Last year I participated in an art show with a Tarot theme, my piece was The Chariot or No.7

This year it was release as a set of 23 postcard size prints from 22 different artist and me, I'm happy to see the print came out right! Scanning is always an ordeal 😅

Here is a piece with my piece (that I still have)

"Queen of Hearts"

Finally finished this piece, a study of sorts, lots learned, lots to learn and try still.

And adventure of acrylic and ink on a canvas :)

Starting working on a new series of artwork, I have five personal projects I want to do this year, hopefully I manage.

This is from a series I will call "Cosplay" this one is inspired on Snow White, still a bit to go.

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2021 was double sided for me, life has become a little more difficult, pricier and less stable than ever before. Age and social status doesn't help.

Artistically talking, I got a productive year actually, I think my artwork is maturing a little, and I got a few chances to display albeit non been able to always sell it, so for those who have supported me, know that your help, big or small, of any kind, have kept me going. BIG Thank you!!🙏🏼

For a better 2022 for all!!🎉 ✊🏼

A commission I working on, I realize is a challenge to draw food I don't like and still try to make it "cute" 😅

Still a way to go, does anyone knows what I'm drawing? 😁

Fables 1.21💀

This Saturday is the opening of a group art show called ToyBox at Gristle Gallery in NY, the show is online only, will run for about a month, all pieces are 6" and smaller, mine are 6x6".

This is one of three pieces I will have the opportunity to present at this show!

Will share the link when it goes live🙂

And the last of my pieces that I will have at the group show Power In Numbers 6 at Gallery Nucleus.

On view/sale in person one day only this Friday 19th, afterwards upon request (on catalog albums) or online all the time.

Will update with a direct link when it goes live.

Cybersteam Punkat V 0.4
😺 💀

My fifth piece for the Power In Numbers 6 art group show!

I got a very generous opportunity this time and I got six pieces in total that will be also available afterwards exclusively at the Nucleus Gallery.

Cybersteam Punkat V 0.2
😺 💀

Another of my "Diablitas" making some cybernetic steam!! (doesn't make sense😅)

At Gallery Nucleus friday the 19th, online afterwards!

Cybersteam Punkat V 0.3
😺 💀

Third piece I will have the opportunity to show at the "Power in Numbers 6" art group show at Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra, CA.

If you are around the area check it out, one day only! Then will be available online afterwards.

Cybersteam Punkat V 0.6
😺 💀

Here it is another piece on the Power in Numbers 6 group show this 19th.

Had lots of fun mixing elements of cyber punk and steam punk, and who doesn't like cats, well a leas cartoony ones😅


Cybersteam Punkat V 0.5😺 💀
I'm going to be in the Gallery Nucleus group show "Power in Numbers 6" this coming 19th. One weekend only and online afterwards.

this is one of my pieces I will have the opportunity to show there!

Putting the final touches on this piece, for an upcoming show at Gristle Art Gallery in NY, (online show)

Will share more details soon, happening on November.

And to finish with the "Trio" the last drop of my Catrinas, had a lot of fun with this and I like them better than previous attempts I did other years.

Prints now available at my store!
Tell your friends!🙏🏼

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Me: I don't think I'll decorate this laptop. I'll try to keep it as stock as possible for as long as possible.

Lenovo (Thinkpad logo starts to peel)

Me: welp...

(h/t @davidrevoy and @Quiralta )

Entre Conchas y Catrinas 21.2💀
Second drop! 💀💀
Original and prints now available at my store! link in bio
Second in the series, this composition makes homage to Posada's Catrina, who made these popular in Mexico, decades later, Rivera's mural would immortalize this specific design.💀🤘🏼

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