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@RFon for PNG I have a WIP version of this leveraging HTML2Canvas and some copypaste from stackoverflow. Been meaning to make an Observable of this...

Best / recommended way to add a "Download SVG / PDF / PNG" feature to your visualization?

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Upgraded vis.social to the next tier hosting plan, as we’ve now got almost 1,000 members! 😮

To help this experiment succeed, please contribute!

1. Share your questions, feedback, critiques, and works-in-progress. 🎨

2. Help invite & welcome others. Be as inclusive as possible. 🤝

3. Donate a little 💰, if you are in a comfortable position to do so (but 1 & 2 are more important).


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TIL there's a fine line between " catacomb" and "macaron" 😬

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I’m formulating a plan for inclusion efforts on vis.social, with the goal of making this a more diverse (and therefore more valuable and sustainable) social space.

But… I don't know what I'm doing! Please review and comment to me here, or in the doc:



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Thanks to @kristinHenry’s great question, I’ve asked on the forums “how to foster inclusivity and welcome new members to Mastodon”.


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RT @simongerman600
I loved @DisneyPixar's "Inside Out". Really enjoy this matrix combining the five base emotions with each other. I honestly think kids benefit from watching this movie as is creates a good starting point to talk about emotions. Source: buff.ly/2J4pA2y

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Spent the morning going through my FB data. Found some really cool memories. Found some strange things. Now that I have a copy of the data, I can take the old dog out behind the barn.

Here's to living more in meatspace.

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A question on etiquette from someone new to Mastodon. I'm about to go to a conference, which typically means I suddenly post a ton for about four days straight.

The posts will generally all be useful, but if you're only following a handful of people and I'm one of them, I'll be dominating your feed for those days.

Is there an accepted etiquette for doing this without driving others crazy?

Any recommendations for intelligent podcasts out there in the tootosphere? Doesn't have to be dataviz related.

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Sophie Warnes’s “Fair Warning” email newsletter of stories, stats, and charts is fantastic. Please subscribe: tinyletter.com/FairWarning

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I know it's old news now but I'm still a little in awe of 538's Atlas of Redistricting (projects.fivethirtyeight.com/r)

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Do you know of interesting open data to use for visualization examples?

csv, xls or json would work

Screenshot of my scroll-bar in google photos .. is there a term for things that weren't meant to be visualizations but turned out to be?

The acceleration in photo volume in 2017 coincides with my wife getting a new camera phone and us linking our photo streams.


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The Washington Post's Graphics Department is hiring for several positions: washingtonpost.com/wp-stat/gra

If you have any questions about the jobs, environment or necessary skills, feel free to ask!

@giorgialupi did my first "humanist" data visualization: Handdrawn (and digitized) progress summary for the past 2 years of my research project. Leaves are papers I've contributed to and their color tone the publication status. Leaf and branch-placement indicates chronology and sizes the amount of work I contributed.

I like this so much better than the bullet point summary I'd have otherwise used for my status meeting. Suggestions VERY welcome vis.social/media/tK95PhJ6ec4tM