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“Optimized” floor plans produce organic results. Interesting project by Joel Simon: joelsimon.net/evo_floorplans.h

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“Design for an Audience”

A+ talk, featuring years of superlative work, by @13pt. Thanks, Jonathan, for so often documenting your presentations online.

A couple of days ago I did a twitter experiment of trying to even the gender-distribution of people I follow. Since then, very scantily clad women with names that differ from their twitter handle have started following me. I'm reporting them as hacked accounts. Anyone else have a similar experience?

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Amy Cesal's personal website makes me want to plagiarize amycesal.com/

She's also doing a really amazing project making charts with Play-Doh (twitter.com/hashtag/daydohviz?)

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“Stack Overflow isn’t very welcoming. It’s time for that to change.” medium.com/@jayhanlon/welcome-

Good to see a new emphasis on being *welcoming*.

Ok, after improving my male/female "following ratio" from 72/28 to 59/38 according to proporti.onl/ (no, I didn't just add random women) twitters "Who to follow" suggestions became slightly more balanced .. 4 of the top 12 suggestions are now women (where it was 0/12 before). I guess that explains twitters suggestion algorithm: "Look, here's someone that is exactly like everyone you already know"

... seriously .. I had to go to the 28th suggestion before I found a woman.

I'm not sure I understand whats going on. Woman and men are equally active and represented on twitter [hbr.org/2009/06/new-twitter-re]. It must be either bias in the suggestion algorithm, the fact that I'm a man and it lumps me in with other men, or that my field (Computational biology) has more men. Either way this is reinforcing the problem

Went to twitter.com/who_to_follow/sugg and I guess that is part of the problem .. top 12 suggestions are 8 men and 4 anonymous (who after a bit of digging I'm 90% sure are also men).

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Hey if you heard the podcast discussion with @jschwabish, you heard me speculate that “maybe” early vis.social members skewed male because “maybe” mostly men followed me on Twitter, and Twitter is the only place where I promoted vis.social, initially.

Um, well, I just learned that Twitter’s analytics estimates your follower gender balance for you, and, er…

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@RFon for PNG I have a WIP version of this leveraging HTML2Canvas and some copypaste from stackoverflow. Been meaning to make an Observable of this...

Best / recommended way to add a "Download SVG / PDF / PNG" feature to your visualization?

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Upgraded vis.social to the next tier hosting plan, as we’ve now got almost 1,000 members! 😮

To help this experiment succeed, please contribute!

1. Share your questions, feedback, critiques, and works-in-progress. 🎨

2. Help invite & welcome others. Be as inclusive as possible. 🤝

3. Donate a little 💰, if you are in a comfortable position to do so (but 1 & 2 are more important).


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TIL there's a fine line between " catacomb" and "macaron" 😬

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I’m formulating a plan for inclusion efforts on vis.social, with the goal of making this a more diverse (and therefore more valuable and sustainable) social space.

But… I don't know what I'm doing! Please review and comment to me here, or in the doc:



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Thanks to @kristinHenry’s great question, I’ve asked on the forums “how to foster inclusivity and welcome new members to Mastodon”.


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RT @simongerman600
I loved @DisneyPixar's "Inside Out". Really enjoy this matrix combining the five base emotions with each other. I honestly think kids benefit from watching this movie as is creates a good starting point to talk about emotions. Source: buff.ly/2J4pA2y

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