Hi vis! I am sharing a personal project I’ve worked on that was really heartfelt: medium.com/@giorgialupi/bruise
I called it The Data We Don’t See. You can read all about it at the link. I am not sharing it for publicity, I am really interested in what you guys think about experimentations like this, be candid. :)

@giorgialupi .. that (and the TED talk) was inspirational to the point of tears (though I'm a new parent so naturally ridden with volatility). I wish I could do what you do. Just ordered your book and I'm hoping it will expand the way I think about my own work.

For I'm trying to read Kaki's thoughts but it's hard with only a lowres img. Aesthetically its very appealing, but the low contrast makes it hard to discern. Here's my version (probably not an improvement) vis.social/media/xV51DO-t2T1h-

@RFon thank you SO much for taking the time to read and for your moving thoughtsz here dropbox.com/s/xqf5m2yc50djbxt/ is the high resolution artwork


@giorgialupi Oh dear. Being able to read the notes does not help with the tears.

Heartfelt thanks.

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