I finally finished my last post for a while in this series, wherein I decide to try running my dotfiles on Windows & get it working, but only just: dev.to/sansbrina/getting-start

It would be nice to be able to draft tweets on the web version of Twitter.com

Ontario just loves using its emergency alert system.

I'm using a site called nautlists to curate some lists. I'll post each new list in this thread. The first one is very one theme for January of a new decade: here are some of my favourite tools for productivity, mental well being & general life management: nautilists.com/lists/sr1gY2V7e

Github contribution stats are not a useful metric of anything imo, but the fact that I made 2019 of them in the year 2019 is cool.

I wonder how Tom Nook feels about labour unions.

The recipe I’m using also has me disposing of half of it every time it rises?! Thanos vibes.

I created life from nothingness and it is a powerful feeling. (I made sourdough starter.)

Scott Pilgrim has the same energy as Morty from Rick and Morty.

In short, I’ll keep tweeting about D&D, writing code, and educating myself about the various systems at work in our world while critically evaluating my participation in them. 2020 is going to be a busy year. I’m going to write (and hopefully share!) more as I go.

January tends to be when I actually set goals and try to make minimal but buildable plans. Hopefully I can get a couple smaller personal projects out this month to share (finally) and then build consistency going forwards.

I’m going to try something new this year by being a lot more focused with how I use social media and number of personal projects. I’m focusing on two big ones that hopefully I can share more about in the next few months!

Published part 2 of my dotfile management series, this is a quick note on what changed I needed to make for syncing my dot files on Linux: dev.to/sansbrina/dotfile-manag

I finally wrote my D&D character a proper backstory and I’m not going to lie, some heavy gargoyles influences came through. Should make me a better player in the new year though. 🤞

Just wrapped some gifts and I would like to put an apology out into the universe to the customers at the jewelry store who asked for free gift wrapping when I was the only one working. 🎁

Discovered a new unit of energy today: hosting 1 very unstructured google hangout.

One thing I'm 100% leaving in the past is answering "where are you from?"

New animal crossing, boyfriend dungeon, promising young woman, and more; so much to look forward to in 2020 😱 Maybe I’ll take an actual vacation 🏖What a concept!

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