Was just reading Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture by Martin Fowler and realized technical reference books are basically code grimoires.

Sundays are for plants, Lore Olympus, and designing apps I’ll never have time to make 🥰

I started replaying The Last of Us today and that opening sequence is still one of my favourite hooks in a game.

2/2 me gauge my own improvements in my thought process when breaking down a problem that much easier. It also frequently saves time during code review.

Code readability is key for collaboration not only with current teammates and future ones, but also for your future self! Having readable code I can look back and see the intent of not only helps me feel well informed and comfortable changing it, but it also helps 1/2

day 8 is the cloud! My doodle is inspired by the phrase “the cloud is just someone else’s computer”

day 7: debugging! I just really wanted to draw a dog (with great cheekbones apparently?!) also an hour after drawing this I had a flea scare with my own dog 😖🐶

Wrote a quick high level post about "Flow state and breaks" , feel free to read it here: dev.to/sansbrina/flow-state-an

I've absolutely botched this whole "a scary movie a day" thing, but if it helps I've been filling my days with things like "using linux on the desktop", "trying to revive a plant I'm scared I'm killing", and "feeling generally morose as I fend off what might be a cold."

If online security isn’t something you’ve actively thought about, you might learn something from these resources ssd.eff.org/en/taxonomy/term/3

day 4: security. I thought of this because when it comes to online security there are better ways of making sure there are no monsters under the bed than others 👹😅

Ps it’s layer 4 of the OSI model (a conceptual model of computer network systems).

It’s responsible for moving data efficiently and effectively to the other layers - just like how Ottawa’s new LRT is supposed to move people around!

The transport layer may: handle traffic, retry errors, segment long messages into smaller ones, acknowledge success!

day 3 is the transport layer! I had to get an O-train inspired sketch out there while I remembered the idea. Text will be typed out in thread. [image description: a rough sketch of light rail train with old school looking train tracks, surrounded by text]

Also, also this experience has taught me that you can put a whole PC together with one Phillips head screwdriver and I want IKEA to rise to that challenge.

Also don’t be scared of trying it yourself!

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