Remember open offices, what the hell was that even

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Devs really has this scene of people working quietly in open offices and typing away on keyboards that aren’t loud af.

Day 17 - Putting animal crossing events in my calendar to cover up a cancelled vacation.

Realized I can just uninstall slack from my phone since I can hear my laptop ping from anywhere in my apartment.

Low key judging myself for knowing who Joe Exotic is before this netflix documentary popped off.

Animal Crossing New Horizons is basically Fyre Fest in game form.

This was one of the worst weeks I’ve ever had when it comes to trying to focus. Going to take the weekend as offline as possible so my attention span can try to recover.

Also if you haven’t activated NookLink yet please do it!

Got a new mug for the office from the shop!

You heard of anxiety baking...get ready for stress sewing!

Thank goodness Animal Crossing New Horizons is a real time game it’s giving me something to look forward to right now.

for personal appearance stuff but I forgot I had “touch up my appearance” (basically beauty filter) checked in zoom, then I popped into a google hangout meeting and physically recoiled... 😖

Eyebrow gel is a part of my skincare routine.

Just went for a walk and got emotional over some chalk art that read "We love our neighbours", "Keep the virus away" and "Wash your hands".

Running "rails new" on a Sunday because churches are closed now.

I've found out who the smoker is on my floor; turns out they're also the Douglas Ford supporter, AND the one who keeps blaring Baba O'Riley. A true triple threat.

Day 11 - I have redownloaded GarageBand.

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