Bought my virtual ticket for Rubyconf today! Excited to say hi to some of you over discord 😊

K well I guess it’s time to revive my animal crossing island now that THE update is on the new horizon

I'm really glad for "schedule later" features: they allow me to structure my time better based on where my energy levels are at without risking off hours alerts for folks and give me the mental room to actually edit once I have a draft I'd be comfortable clicking send on.

I was more offline than on for one (1) week! I logged back on with full social media bars only to see web3 discourse & was immediately depleted.

Today I am thinking about how rarely problems are as simple as “clearly you did X wrong” and more often some ghost of decisions past in the system set free to haunt, yet we frequently come to one another (and ourselves) demanding to know where we clearly did X wrong.

The program looks so good this year! I'm really excited to see that virtual attendance is still an option, and curious about if this means any of the talks/workshops are strictly offline? Staying tuned 👀 congratulations to all the first time speakers!

Preventing future climate damage is one important thing, but so is building a society that can weather the changes we can no longer prevent. Destroying white supremacy, abolishing oppressive systems, and supporting Indigenous sovereignty & following their leadership is key.

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The climate emergency is at the forefront of my mind for this election and to hold any future governments accountable for. I've joined the voter's climate alliance with the goal of electing leaders who will rise to this challenge. Join here ➡️

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Things to not listen to the Liberal party about:
• Election day is NOT the only day to "have your say" in any level of politics. That's what they want you to think to make your say feel limited.
• We DO NOT need more pipelines to be able to solve the climate emergency.

Once I got over my hangover I realized that no, the reason I'm grumpy is because the shortest possible election period (36 days) has been hoisted upon us in a cynical power grab by the Liberals, who claim we need more pipelines to solve the climate crisis. 🙄

I'm very excited to be working on a new talk and I'd like to really lean into the fact that it's pre-recorded and the potential of that medium. Do you have any advice, or opinions on what can make the most of a pre-recorded talk?

Replaying Mass Effect ten years later really puts into perspective how my personal politics have changed/grown and oh yeah Shepard is gay now

Rust is a good programming language, and super amenable to my tendency to my completely inconsistent side project motivation/energy levels. It's nice to know I can always come back [REDACTED] later and have the project still work.

Now I know I wasn’t his target audience (too old, no potential) but as a member of the “internalized climate anxiety in childhood” club, I can’t help but feel that there’s better things Richard Branson could do rather than give inspiring speeches to children from space.

Every few weeks I end up on the YouTube channel of someone who is at least 7 years younger than me to learn about streaming software or how to make my Notion aesthetic, it's great.

4/ If you want a sense of what it's about from one of the editors, this podcast episode is what got me first interested:

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3/ I feel like our collective memory in this industry is so short, and this book helps counteract that AND illustrate how the short, selective memory is very much intentional. It's a real peek behind the curtain on tech regardless of your personal proximity.

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2/ The essays in this book were everything I was missing from my uni course on Computers & Society; it traces lines across time and space to illustrate how the new ethical quandaries in tech aren't new at all.

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1/ This month I finished reading "Your Computer Is on Fire" and it left an impression on me as a programmer that will and have me revisiting the ideas and stories in it years from now.

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