One place I chose to change the technical terms I use was on my git branches; I renamed them to “release”. Here’s a post with steps if you’re curious:

The only ad that will speak to me is one that’s like “maybe you’re part of the bastard lineage of a British MP who barely went to his job but still got re-elected somehow”

Desperately trying to capture my essence in a single selfie for slack. This might be the best we can do right now.

This is a cutting of a plant that had started to fail on me due to some root rot after I put it in too big of a pot and watered it a bunch and I am SO proud of how it’s bouncing back. It got cut down but it grew back again! An inspiration!

This is who I’ve been rubber duck debugging with the most lately 💀

This game is 13 years old and it holds up pretty well.

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Animal crossing in the AM, Bioshock in the PM.

I pulled the world reversed as my card of the day and it was the advice I needed from my tarot cards but not what I wanted.

My life is like if “Home Alone” didn’t have the bandits, was in an apartment instead of a mansion and went on entirely too long. This tweet brought to you by the donuts I had for dinner.

How many days into this does someone need to be for "Didn't realize pants were being worn inside out all day" to be acceptable? Asking for me.

I got little caesars today to cope with the pizza pizza discourse.

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