I'm very excited to be working on a new talk and I'd like to really lean into the fact that it's pre-recorded and the potential of that medium. Do you have any advice, or opinions on what can make the most of a pre-recorded talk?

Replaying Mass Effect ten years later really puts into perspective how my personal politics have changed/grown and oh yeah Shepard is gay now

Rust is a good programming language, and super amenable to my tendency to my completely inconsistent side project motivation/energy levels. It's nice to know I can always come back [REDACTED] later and have the project still work.

Now I know I wasn’t his target audience (too old, no potential) but as a member of the “internalized climate anxiety in childhood” club, I can’t help but feel that there’s better things Richard Branson could do rather than give inspiring speeches to children from space.

Every few weeks I end up on the YouTube channel of someone who is at least 7 years younger than me to learn about streaming software or how to make my Notion aesthetic, it's great.

4/ If you want a sense of what it's about from one of the editors, this podcast episode is what got me first interested: twitter.com/thecodewitch/statu

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3/ I feel like our collective memory in this industry is so short, and this book helps counteract that AND illustrate how the short, selective memory is very much intentional. It's a real peek behind the curtain on tech regardless of your personal proximity.

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2/ The essays in this book were everything I was missing from my uni course on Computers & Society; it traces lines across time and space to illustrate how the new ethical quandaries in tech aren't new at all.

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1/ This month I finished reading "Your Computer Is on Fire" and it left an impression on me as a programmer that will and have me revisiting the ideas and stories in it years from now. mitpress.mit.edu/books/your-co

I'm spending a bit of time writing some documentation for an integration, and I'd love to hear about others resources and recommendations on writing good technical documentation/internal information sharing 👩🏼‍💻 Please let me know if you have any, it helps! ✍️🏼

My introduction to git was via a databases class assignment that required we use it and provided no instruction on how to do so and “simply” expected us to learn as we went. It was a bad way to be introduced to git.

I’m glad so many people liked this, I have to credit tiktok for the trend which inspired it though vm.tiktok.com/ZMesS9sas/

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Here are some Ruby on Rails errors I've run into over the past week as inspirational quotes.

Thinking about how:
• a smart watch is just a smaller more portable computer to allow less time spent on a
• smart phone which is a smaller more portable computer of a
• tablet which is a smaller more portable computer of a
• laptop which is a smaller more portable computer

Tech leaders: we solve difficult problems here!
*employees discuss systemic inequalities/issues affecting themselves & others*
Also tech leaders: no don't talk about those problems. We won't solve them, they're too difficult to talk about & I'm tired of having to hear about them.

I’ve spent the past few days watching my partner play Nier Replicant ver.1.22474487139… which has been great but I just want to know: WHY IS IT SO SAD?

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