The worst parts of mainstream TikTok are (older afaik) people in certain occupations making jokes at the expense of people they supposedly serve, and I’m not talking about retail workers here.

I’ve had it for long enough now to feel confident saying that there’s brilliant content being made on TikTok and that gives me hope.

Cyber Monday is passed, and I read an article where grimes talks about AI so am no longer Cyberina.

I just got through a 12 hour headache and I feel like the rest of my life is going to involve making sure that never happens again.

I've decided to try out the custom shampoo company, will report back. So far the ability to give your bottle a nickname is fun. [Image of one green and one black bottle, with the text 16oz Shampoo + 8oz Conditioner for Cyberwife to their right]

Today I made this Arthur meme that says "Having fun isn't hard when you know how to use your text editor" as an event header at work.

I'd make it my twitter one but it's not as fitting out of context, and I'm not looking to organize any twitter wide lunch n learns about vim anytime soon.

Finally came up with a bio that I'm pretty proud of, but it's on an internal tool so I'm going to share it in a tweet too: "Organizes text editor lunch n learns, also really likes lunch and learning."

Me and my cyberwife on our cyberfarm, lying in the bed of our cybertruck and staring up at the cyberstars.

Anyways, Aquarius Goldfishman and her water weird did not disappoint.

Anyone who talks to me on a semi regular basis will (hopefully) see a shift in my mental wellbeing & this is why.

Peep me getting emotional on a Monday night over everyone I know who’s doing their own thing and making cool stuff.

I’m back and happy to report despite Disney plus making it hard to find and wanting to skip me ahead to season 2, I’m picking up Gargoyles were I left off

Alright so not every episode ends with “to be continued”...only the first five.

Love to see VHS tapes and floppy discs existing in a high tech context

Do today’s children’s cartoons have a complete lack of subtext or is that just a 90s thing?

Mullets are part of being gargoyles I think?

How sweet would it be to be able to dip out of situations like “no sorry I have to go to bed gonna turn to stone.”

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