Sewed the saddest little drawstring bag tonight but now my dnd dice have a soft place to live and I learned many important lessons, like how to add a lining to a bag and also realized a thing about learning to code.

It’s super easy to hide the ugly stuff when you’re learning to code, and I mean the “I sewed in the lining wrong and now the whole bag is shut in” ugly stuff.

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I’m glad for platforms that do a better job of showing how iterative the learning process really is, and would like to see more of it. Especially from seasoned programmers being vulnerable about what it looks like when they start fresh on a concept. The process is so important!

Anyways, if you’ve read this far here’s a picture of the bag in question next to a similarly light blue earth Vader candle.

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Anyways if you’ve read this far here’s a picture of the bag next to a similarly coloured darth vader candle

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