Going to retroactively tell people this was the inspiration for my dog's name because this is the dynamic between us.

I’ve had this keyboard for months & only just accidentally turned on a backlighting mode/realized it has backlighting modes. Here’s me pressing the keys to get some reactive pink backlighting:

Desperately trying to capture my essence in a single selfie for slack. This might be the best we can do right now.

This is a cutting of a plant that had started to fail on me due to some root rot after I put it in too big of a pot and watered it a bunch and I am SO proud of how it’s bouncing back. It got cut down but it grew back again! An inspiration!

This is who I’ve been rubber duck debugging with the most lately 💀

This is me after I see a film with timothee in it tbh. Sorry, mr Chalamet. I do not know him!

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Idk which part of the algorithm decided to put Chasing Cars in the "Work from home" playlist on Spotify but I did not need that flashback to junior high dances tyvm

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