Did y'all listen to @Allitorban s DatavizToday podcast yet? "How to Build a Connection With Your Data Through Original Visualization". Be sure to check it out, I'm in it 🤗 dataviztoday.com/shownotes/28

Have been working (too long of course 🙄) on a visualization of my family. Do share your opinion: I appreciate yr comments/tips/ questions! studioterp.nl/my-family-a-visu

When you feel you're onto something and then your client goes "nah, not what we were looking for..." 😥
So just sharing my tryout here then :-)

Hey everybody, I'm on board 😃!

As a former designer of public space I used to work with spatial layers of information. Following I committed myself to the design of information graphics.
Main-tool: Illustrator.

Find my company at: studioterp.nl/
and if you'd like more: behance.net/STUDIOTERP


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