Hey everyone! I'm an aspiring 3D artist here looking to improve their work. New to Mastodon and would love any advice that you can give me. :3 I've arbitrarily attached a screenshot of one of my works for the fun of it.

@scott Thanks! I'm glad you and the community enjoyed it.

@StealthIntel @˗ˏˋ Liaizon Wakest ˎˊ˗ Welcome! Agree, it looks very nice! :-) What improvement do you have in mind? A fresh set of eyes or more technical?

#POV-Ray #raytracing

@haakon @wakest Technical improvement advice would be great. I'm also not opposed to subjective critique.

@StealthIntel It looks wonderful. I think some more snow texture coming on down the grass might make the delineation look a little more natural

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