ALSO...secret hidden post for my fellow bi/pan people only!!! 

i love you tiny bastards so muc

i’d trust isabelle animal crossing to pierce my ears

watching this creepypasta and the first sentence was 'im what you would call a lazy son of a bitch' god mood

I think everything should be cancelled when it rains and we should all stay inside and drink tea

ever since the day I first tooted about spines I have never been the same. *I sigh, and three spines fall out of my pockets* ah fuck I really gotta stop leaving those things there

ALIEN #1: dude trust me, i've been monitoring their communications. it would be really fucking funny to cut their symbol for 69 in the cornfield

ALIEN #2: do you even know what that means?

ALIEN #1: well... you don't take an interest in them at all, so you /definitely/ don't know what it means.

ALIEN #2: exactly! carving unknown symbols into their fields is a good way to accidentally start a war! a circle is a nice, safe, tried & true...wHAT is so funny

ALIEN #1: i looked up what 69 means

one of these days i will simply give up and ragdoll

Cwose youw eyes
Shwut youw mowth
Dweam a dweam and get us owt
Dweam dweam dweam dweam dweam dweam

💌 do not follow if ur truscum, terf, transmed, ddlg, map, ect

💌 i am 19! if me following you makes you uncomfortable lmk

💌 dm me for discord

💌 ok thats mostly it bye <3

if you play Minecraft you’re valid and wholesome
It’s a good game anybody who has a opinion against the blocks better Fight me

Before you post,
:sm64_t: :sm64_h: :sm64_i: :sm64_n: :sm64_k: :
Is it :sm64_t: rue?
Is it :sm64_h: elpful?
Is it :sm64_i: nspiring?
Is it :sm64_n: agito?
Is it :sm64_k: omaeda?

sir that's my emotional support top they order my food for me

Listen, I know why you’re here. You want to “talk to people” and “have them earnestly engage with you in return” or some bullshit like that. But, consider this: being a passive receptacle for the mediocre jokes of journalists in their early thirties.

Maybe, one day, they’ll retweet your jokes too! The sky is the limit!

the fact that killing stalking is even still slightly relevant, right now, less than a month away from 2019, kills me. everyone who stans killing stalking right now owes me 50 bucks. same goes for hamilton stans

Cat Fact: Your pronouns are valid

I don't make the rules I just post them

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