alert! We're looking for a data visualisation producer to join our team at ONS. Take a look and ask any questions.

What are some examples of empathetic Information design that you like? I’ve seen something wonderful recently and I’d like to see more examples in order to compile a list

My exploring sexual violence in India and the systemic dysfunction of the Indian justice system is the running for an @infobeautyaward. If you have a minute to spare I'd appreciate your vote

Rant about the NYT needle Show more

Rant about the NYT needle Show more

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rape, violence against women Show more

It’s 90+ degrees in DC.....and I have a cold. Wonderful.

This talk by Deb Chachra is absolutely incredible and 100% worth your time or I will write you a personalized letter of apology

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Finally realized this thing I've been day-dreaming of for months. Its nowhere close to done but I'm so stoked

This is the most fun I've had on the internet for a while. So incredibly innovative, I want to learn how to do this!

Hey everyone, I'm currently looking for full time/contract opportunities. If your company is hiring or someone you know is, please do let me know 😊

The way I look at it Judith Donath is to visualization what Don Norman is to UX. I’m so surprised/disappointed most dataviz practitioners have no idea who she is

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