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It’s 90+ degrees in DC.....and I have a cold. Wonderful.

This talk by Deb Chachra is absolutely incredible and 100% worth your time or I will write you a personalized letter of apology vimeo.com/232544872

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Finally realized this thing I've been day-dreaming of for months. Its nowhere close to done but I'm so stoked

This is the most fun I've had on the internet for a while. So incredibly innovative, I want to learn how to do this! dreamliner.qantas.com/fly

Hey everyone, I'm currently looking for full time/contract opportunities. If your company is hiring or someone you know is, please do let me know 😊

The way I look at it Judith Donath is to visualization what Don Norman is to UX. I’m so surprised/disappointed most dataviz practitioners have no idea who she is

I'll be giving a talk at George Washington University about some work I did while I was at the Library of Congress. If you find yourself in DC or know someone who may be interested, please come! meetup.com/Data-Visualization-


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