Just published a write-up of how we visualized the Mueller report redactions on the NPR Viz blog: blog.apps.npr.org/2019/04/22/r

Made a bad chart today. First arrow (from top) is 4 times as big as the last arrow. Nobody could interpret it that way ;_;

That laughing-crying feeling when you fix a bug that ruined your productivity for the day

For those of you who are thinking about diversity, inclusion and representativity in dataviz and what you can do, I wrote a blog post of my experience using an inclusion rider as a speaker at a data-related conference. chezvoila.com/blog/inclusionri

Diversity and Inclusion scholarships for under-represented people including but not limited to "race, gender, identity, accessibility needs, socio-economic status, as well as fields of study/employment/participation.". Pass it along to your friends and co-workers! eyeofestival.com/registration/

alert! We're looking for a data visualisation producer to join our team at ONS. Take a look and ask any questions. civilservicejobs.service.gov.u

What are some examples of empathetic Information design that you like? I’ve seen something wonderful recently and I’d like to see more examples in order to compile a list

My exploring sexual violence in India and the systemic dysfunction of the Indian justice system is the running for an @infobeautyaward. If you have a minute to spare I'd appreciate your vote bit.ly/2CHm1zr

Rant about the NYT needle 

@aditya Another frivolous trend has been to imply that the protest is caused by an emotional result to the result of the election itself which is just another level of critique-dodging that I didn’t know was possible at the highest professional levels from an otherwise world class team

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Rant about the NYT needle 

I have issues with the NYT election needle but what bothers me the most is how the NYT team has consistently misrepresented the facts of the argument in their favor, during OpenVis and other public forums. They’d make you believe that the outcry was against the depiction of uncertainty which is simply not true. It was always about the _way_ they chose to depict uncertainty

rape, violence against women 

I am incredibly grateful to Gurman Bhatia and other news nerds in the Indian news-apps community for their early feedback 🙏

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rape, violence against women 

The horrific rapes in two Indian towns earlier this year motivated me to spend time in the annals of Indian crime records this past summer. I did so because I wanted to better my understanding of both the nature and scale of this epidemic. Along the way I've read dozens of articles in the mainstream media and obscure law blogs, filed a couple of RTIs and pieced together a visual essay which I'm sharing with you all today: adityajain15.github.io/Rape_In

It’s 90+ degrees in DC.....and I have a cold. Wonderful.

This talk by Deb Chachra is absolutely incredible and 100% worth your time or I will write you a personalized letter of apology vimeo.com/232544872

rape, patriarchy 

I've been working on visualizing the systematic dysfunction of the justice system that abets rape culture in India. I wanted to be as granular as possible so I'm using webGL here to depict each and every case of rape in the judicial pipeline during a calendar year (2016 in this instance). I'm hoping this particle sankey conveys just how broken the system is. I'd love to hear what you think (live demo at adityajain15.github.io/ncrb/)

Finally realized this thing I've been day-dreaming of for months. Its nowhere close to done but I'm so stoked

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