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Aditya Jain @aditya

Hey everyone, I'm currently looking for full time/contract opportunities. If your company is hiring or someone you know is, please do let me know 😊

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@aditya are you on the data vis jobs list?

@scott Yep! I remember having the same dialogue on twitter with you πŸ˜‚

@scott I haven't been able to find a job listing on there that fits my profile, I'm looking for a kind of junior front-end role where I can gain some production experience and the ones on there tend to be more senior roles 😊

@aditya oops sorry, my memory is shot so I may repeat myself. :) Glad you are on those lists. I will keep an eye out!

@aditya Are you looking for work in a particular location?

@darth_mall Nope, anywhere in the United States is good!

@aditya sent an email to my old boss in NYC, will keep an eye out otherwise. πŸ€