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Alex Wein

AND: If anyone would like one of these charts and/or a spreadsheet containing, just let me know your Spotify username, and I'll hook you up.

The long playlists are mostly collections of songs with a specific theme. My favorite is "Threes Threes Threes", with songs like 'Fun, Fun, Fun', 'Please, Please, Please', and 'Bills, Bills Bills'

I pulled my playlist data out of spotify a while ago. Here's a chart of each playlist as an interval from when the first and last song were added. Mostly I make playlists and don't update them, but a few, I find new songs to add to years after they started. Y-position doesn't meany anything.

's the code
businesses %>%
ggplot(aes(x = long, y = lat)) +
geom_point(alpha = .01, color = '') +
coord_fixed() + theme_void() +
theme(panel.background = element_rect(fill = ''))

I don't have a lot of experience with making maps, so when I was asked to make a viz of businesses in SF, I stick with a scatterplot. (made with ggplot2...don't draw any conclusions from the data)

book rec: Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud. I found it really inspiring. It made me want to play with hand-drawing charts, but also want to think really really hard about powerpoint presentations. A really great addition to my budding data viz library.

I was psyched to find that @moritz had interviewed him within the last year. Definitely worth a listen.

A recent little project I made Boggle-clone in R Shiny, generating boards in ggplot2 (it's pretty rough around the edges, but I'm super proud of it)