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“A composer who hears sounds will try to find a notation for sounds. One who has ideas will find one that expresses his ideas, leaving their interpretation free, in confidence that his ideas have been accurately and concisely notated.” Super interesting article from Jason Forrest about Cornelius Cardew’s graphic score "Treatsie".

There are some groan-worthy lines on the most recent Taylor Swift album, but rhyming "oOOooh oh oh" with "cruel summer" is one of my favorite hooks of the year.

the d3 meetup in sf last night was awesome! Chatted with a Tableau zen master, met R hero Kent Timelyportfolio, and got a free tote bag.

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Lois Haibt was the only woman on the IBM FORTRAN development team in the 1970s.

She started there in 1955, before they had a "Programmer" title -- she was "Mathematician". It was two years before the first production-ready compiler would be invented. "Assemblers were fairly new—just getting off the primitive stage."

You can read a very long interview with her at the Engineering and Technology History Wiki:

Cartographer Vicky Johnson had one of my favorite tumblrs back when. I'm jazzed for her new newsletter, Fun With Maps.

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"I don't know" feels like my goddamn catchphrase these days

I'm channeling my post visfest mojo into some fun silliness, using a few tricks I picked up in Amelia Wattenberger's SVG workshop

One of these days, I will endear myself to strangers through competence and confidence rather than self-deprecation. But not today.

This post by Jiaying Zhao -- from the always fantastic Multiple Views blog -- covers some interesting experiments on how liberals and conservatives read charts on climate change.

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Really tempted, as always, to try and define "sandwich" in this presentation I'm working on.

One conclusion I've drawn from some quick exploratory analysis of this Data Visualization Survey data: I still hate working with survey data!

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writing a little LaTeX for the first time since I quit grad school in 2012. It's fun... $\forall a \in A \exists b (<a,b> \in R)$

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