I've been playing around with board-gamey curves since reading this great post on the design space for timelines 10qviz.org/timelines-revisited

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I had some fun with the zdog 3d modeling library after seeing @vlandham retweet it. Also inspired by the card game Set: set-zdog.glitch.me/

I already have two and don't tweet, but RJ Andrews is giving away copies of Info We Trust on Twitter. I'm a little more than halfway through and I've found it inspiring: twitter.com/infowetrust/status

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Julie Moronuki on "The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Metaphor" (she's also a functional programmer) was great too: youtube.com/watch?v=xMl3Y9r3HF

Really enjoyed this intro talk on Category Theory for Programmers by Bartosz Milewski. I'm on lecture 2.2 now.


Spotify Streams by Time of Day (Pacific). Can you spot my trip to the east coast?

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Making a little progress with my spotify data today. Here are my most listened to artists since April when I started logging:

track_artist1 playcount
1 Mitski 394
2 Tove Styrke 289
3 Robyn 261
4 Bee Gees 255
5 Lucy Dacus 235
6 Ariana Grande 232
7 Lykke Li 228
8 Junglepussy 216
9 King Princess 209
10 Empress Of 203

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So I cast off my 2018 temperature blanket on Jan 1st and I am so pleased with how it turned out. I knit one garter stitch row every day for 365 days based on the daily high temp for my city. It was a very rewarding project. #knitting


Gonna maybe try blogging again. Right now there are just two little demos doing non-R things in RMarkdown (SQL and D3) and some stuff from my old tumblr. The blog itself is also authored in RMarkdown using blogdown.

So the hardest part of learning D3 has been learning Javascript, HTML, CSS, and SVG. Once you learn all those things, learning D3 is...still kind of hard.

related to my last post, I suspect these beeswarm timeline thingos are gonna be big in 2019.


I keep coming close to tweeting (and even dropped a take on vis.social that I deleted shortly after)...so I bought a Susie Cagle print: stayandfight.bigcartel.com/pro


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