Haven't tried it, but Siuba looks like an exciting dplyr port for python. Might need to update my bs rationalizations for why I like R more than Python now. siuba.readthedocs.io/en/latest

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Work ↓ feed.grantcuster.com/post/2020 Blip, our newest Fast Forward prototype, visualizes how four different algorithms perform at anomaly detection. from blip.fastforwardlabs.com

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I find that most posts get lost in the 'algorithms' of most social media sites, so I'm finally starting my own newsletter about Art, Code, Science, and more.

To start with, I think I'll also include some of my drawings.

Also considering a short feature of other artists and scientists. Open to requests of what you'd like to see me write about.


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Gramener released a fun little charting tool built on Nicky Case's joy.js. Super fun and really easy to make terrible charts gramener.com/joyfuldata/

This is a really wonderful essay by Minard, retrospecting on his career, recently translated into English:


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Super helpful Cheat Sheets for Data Visualization Techniques. Including some well-designed examples. By @zezhong_w@twitter.com @menimagerie@twitter.com @davemurrayrust@twitter.com @benjbach@twitter.com. visualizationcheatsheets.githu

🐦🔗: twitter.com/tillnm/status/1222

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Oh wow. So that really famous centralized vs decentralized vs distributed diagram that I quote above? Well, in one of the companion papers, Baran provides this iteration on it, which in my opinion is far superior and I'm going to start using in my presentations.

Full paper: rand.org/pubs/research_memoran

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I mentioned dplyr's database api in this little tutorial post in 2018 alex-we.in/2018/05/01/testing- ...It was on my mind after reading about compiling DarkLang to SQL medium.com/darklang/compiling-

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Ways to avoid writing SQL, worst to best:

5. ORMs
4. visual wrangling tools
3. Teaching your coworkers how to write SQL
2. Teaching your coworkers that truth is an illusion, and the quest for it is futile
1. dbplyr

I'm channeling Adam Scott's Parks and Rec character even more than usual today: listening to Letters To Cleo and struggling to animate something.

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I'm a Stitch, I'm a Lilo
I'm a Rey, I'm a Kylo
I'm a Bucky I'm a Steve
I'm Disney-owned IP

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Start the new decade with the latest thinking+doing in and watch the video recordings of our latest talks held at @FHPotsdam@twitter.com:


@jeffrey_heer@twitter.com: Raising the Bar (Chart)
@plateauton@twitter.com: Empowering Journalism
@khepworth@twitter.com: Ethical Visualization

🐦🔗: twitter.com/uclab_potsdam/stat

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