This post by Jiaying Zhao -- from the always fantastic Multiple Views blog -- covers some interesting experiments on how liberals and conservatives read charts on climate change.

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Really tempted, as always, to try and define "sandwich" in this presentation I'm working on.

One conclusion I've drawn from some quick exploratory analysis of this Data Visualization Survey data: I still hate working with survey data!

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writing a little LaTeX for the first time since I quit grad school in 2012. It's fun... $\forall a \in A \exists b (<a,b> \in R)$

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Alright, I'm a bit late out of the gate on this one, but I finally got around to setting up my recurring donation for through our new Patreon page.

One whole dollar a month! One dollar! That's it!

According to @scott if we get about 54 people donating $1 a month, all expenses are covered.

I know even one dollar can be hard to spare, so don't worry if you can't, but we've had about 90 active users in the last week, so I bet we can cover @scott's costs!

Whenever I find myself thinking too hard about what's gonna happen in the marvel universe, I just tell myself it's a very serious intellectual interest in the metaphysics of fictional worlds

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Work ↓ Textflix uses movie reviews to show how machine learning can unlock the data embedded in large amounts of unstructured text. from

I'm also really pumped just to go to the conference. It seems like a great mix of speakers and organizers, and I'm eager to up my d3 game. Come to visfest, too!

So, I'm giving a workshop at visfest next month in Chicago! It's mostly an introduction to set theory...but with charts and stuff. Totally terrified, but really excited to share some of my favorite ideas from math.

Amazing post on tokenism in data viz by Stephanie Evergreen. It takes courage to call out men's behavior so directly.

started playing with the marvel api but got distracted by playing with imagemagick

It took 5k members and 85k messages in the Data Viz Society Slack before one really made me go: "Who the hell is this bozo?"

I've been playing around with board-gamey curves since reading this great post on the design space for timelines

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