Shirley Wu inspired me to take photos of my washi tape (a group of us had washi tape made from our designs).

I did two designs: one created with particle system art, and one with Cell Biology diagrams.


Flat is a pure-Python 2D drawing library "for creating and manipulating digital forms of fine arts. [...] It grew out of the needs for generative design, architecture and art." exports to SVG and so easily embeds in a jupyter notebook (`display(SVG(page.svg())`). I have been looking for something like this forever, it's a little quirky but seems too good to be true

Postural Prism (14x17 inch, marker and graphite) will be traveling with me to the Joint Mathematics Meeting in January

@algoartiste see this article for why.

The piece is in no way a good representation of the current state of the art, and it uses a borrowed scraper to collect a dataset for a borrowed GAN implementation with output that looks strikingly similar to that of the original code's author.

A computer generated portrait has been sold for $432,500 at auction at Christie's in New York. It was created by a GAN (Generative Adversarial Network) algorithm that was seeded with 15,000 portraits painted between the 14th and 20th centuries.

I've been doing some Voronoi Stippling experiments today, including the rare inverted stippling, and decoupling of resolution and ink coverage. Also a rudimentary webcam capture. Check it out at

Finally finished a study piece using of all of the possible ways that a 3x3 grid can be partitioned using smaller rectangles and squares. Turns that there are 322 ways this can be done, which layout nicely into a 23x14 arrangement to produce this image.

Experimenting with chalkboard colours and Handy — a library for hand-drawn sketchy rendering is an open social platform for creative people, especially anyone in sciArt, data, visualization, creative coding, and related arts and research. English is the common language of the instance.