i love this program. just wanted to share that with everyone.


@misterchad, this is just what I need right now. Have been looking for a Markdown editor, and was considering using the built-in one that comes with the Atom editor that has split panes for source content and rendered content. And I like the developer’s philosophy for it to as he explains in this blog post.

@algoartiste I use Atom for building websites. I teach and am not allowed to install unapproved programs on the computers so I use Markdown Preview Enhanced package for Atom at school. It works pretty well, but isn't the same as Typora. Since all my files are in the cloud, I can access them easily.

Plus, I'm a css junkie and I love tweaking visuals. I have several modded versions of Typora themes and have a few self-designed ones I'm tinkering on.

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