Any fans out there? Last year my team made scorecards for the entire MLB postseason. Example below and interactive version at (desktop only).

@anbnyc I guess you could say I'm a baseball fan... Cool stuff, I really like it!

@darenw haha sounds right. thanks! we've been thinking about auto-generating them in near-real time when the 2018 season starts - data from MLB's Gameday API. (let me know if you'd be interested in partnering with us!)

@mahir @anbnyc

neat. sketched something similar a while back to "rethink boxscores". if baseball is your datavis topic of choice.. let me know.. we have lots of baseball data

@mikydna @mahir Cool, the traditional box score was also a source of inspiration for us. Baseball's structure lends itself so well to a tabular structure, but it is fun imagining the rich representations that each cell can contain.

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