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Think I'm going to spend a bit of time getting used to this place and the different timeline features before I work out and pursue a 'follow' strategy

My book is due to hit its 2nd birthday next week. Seems like I finished it only yesterday but work is due to commence on the 2nd edition shortly. I'd be really grateful for any satisfied book owners to submit short positive reviews on Amazon (or wherever they bought it) to help shape the nature of this 2nd edition release. The more satisfied people are, the less likely I will face huge amounts of changes, edits and beyond-scope additions. Thank you in advance!

NEW POST: A further update about the Chartmaker Directory as it tip-toes towards its first anniversary of existence

NEW POST: Data visualisation programmes and qualifications.

Students and university staff, past and present: please help me add to, refine and trim this catalogue so it is kept up-to-date.

NEW POST: A collection of some of the best data visualisation related content discovered during March 2018 (image from work by @Rougeux)

Ahead of the Champions League final, I wanted to learn more about the comparative club careers of the expected starting XIs. Liverpool are younger, fewer titles. Real Madrid have a very established team that holds far more combined apps, goals and, significantly, experience as multi-winners.

NEW POST: The little of visualisation design, part 52 - splitting data views using 'framing'

NEW POST: A collection of the best data visualisation stuff I came across during February (when I was exceptionally busy, hence fewer items than normal)

Includes this by @matt1hong

Looks like there are some strange non-vis related accounts popping up in the Local Timeline. Nice chance to test out the block/mute features on here

With my hotel room in Edinburgh overlooking the Royal Mile one cannot escape the sound of bagpipes. Using my bathroom and nearby props here's my sentiment towards them over the past couple of hours.

NEW POST: The Little of Visualisation Design, part 51 - exceeding spatial limits to make a narrative point

2018 is nearly 4 months old. What's a great vis project you've seen this year so far? Doesn't need to be the 'best' project just one that totally resonated with you for whatever reason?

Let me kick off with my declared love for this piece

- Great variety of chart methods
- The thumbnail orientation device in the sidebar
- The composition, uses the scrollable vertical canvas so well and is arranged so neatly into the screen width
- The administrative footnotes

Have just caught up with @scott and @jschwabish Policy Viz podcast where they chat about Great overview Scott. It has also motivated me to carve out time to get more active on here and to work out a strategy for how to use it vs. other platforms, who to follow etc.

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Hey @andykirk’s short film “The Malofiej Experience” is really great to watch, if you’re like me and haven’t been able to spare a week plus travel time to go to Pamplona:

NEW POST: Announcing a new online course, offered by @SAGEOceanTweets: "An Introduction to Data Visualisation", open to anyone, anywhere

Here's my (delayed) latest monthly round-up of the best data visualisation stuff found during January (posted image, work by @smallmultiples)