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Think I'm going to spend a bit of time getting used to this place and the different timeline features before I work out and pursue a 'follow' strategy

NEW POST: Slides from my latest @Tableau webinar 'The Design of Time' showcasing a wide range of contemporary methods for portraying temporal data stories

Join me at 10am BST for my latest webinar, hosted by @Tableau, where I will be talking about the variety of visualisation techniques for 'The Design of Time'. It is free to register and you can watch live or just wait for the recording afterwards.

NEW POST: A round-up of some of the best data visualisation content discovered during December 2018 includes this incredible project by @Rougeux

NEW POST: The little of visualisation design, part 60: value label styling featuring work by @pmcruz, @wihbey et al

NEW POST: Some of the best data visualisation content discovered during November 2018, including this piece by Flavio Gortana

NEW POST: Some of the best visualisation content discovered during September 2018, featuring work by @MonaChalabi

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