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Think I'm going to spend a bit of time getting used to this place and the different timeline features before I work out and pursue a 'follow' strategy

A couple of training updates:

1) Only 6 places left on my 2-day dataviz workshop in London on 21-22 Nov

2) Also, just 2-weeks left to sign up for the start of my next online dataviz course, hosted by @SAGEOceanTweets

NEW POST: Celebrating my 250th data visualisation workshop (in my 25th different country, and 5500th delegates) on my 15,000th day since birth

NEW POST: The best data visualisation work, articles and other learning resources discovered during June 2018

Includes this from Chris DeMartini

NEW POST: The Little of Visualisation Design, part 55: Using redundant encoding to assist with red-green colourblindness

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Our group at Microsoft Research recently released : a new interactive tool for bespoke visualization design, and we'd love to hear your feedback.

You can use it in your browser at, where you'll also find a gallery along with video tutorials.

Charticulator is open source at

We also wrote a paper about Charticulator for IEEEVIS, which received an Honorable Mention for Best Paper:

Want to learn data visualisation via online teaching? Based somewhere on planet Earth? The second cohort of my new course, hosted and organised by @SAGEOceanTweets, commences 29 October.

** Use the code EARLYBIRD25 for a 25% discount through to 29 Sep **

NEW EVENT: I've scheduled my next 2-day data visualisation training in London for 21-22 November. Earlybird rates available through to 21 September. Details and registration here >>

NEW POST: The little of visualisation design: Part 54 'axis line truncation', based on work by @ONS

Work on the second edition of my book has begun. I’ve cleared my office wall and launched into using a (patent pending) method called “Kirk’s To-Do, Doing, Done Book Work Board” (KTDDBWB). Task number one is going up on to the ‘doing’ rectangle as we speak. The book's tight development timeline means I have an October deadline to finalise the script/contents/images in order to hit a May/June 2019 publish date. (So please don't anyone be put off continuing to buy the current edition!)

NEW POST: A roundup of some of the finest visualisation-related content discovered during May

Includes this great piece by the World Bank.

On 15th August I will be doing another FREE webinar hosted by @Tableau about 'The Little of Visualisation Design'. Would be splendid if you could join me

NEW EVENT: Delighted to announce details of a special half-day 'Data visualisation and infographic design' workshop, to be held in Leeds on 20th September. Registration is free for and open (only) to members of staff across the NHS (UK wide).

Got my book 📕?
Got a 📷 or📱?
Have access to an interesting view 🌅🏖️🧗🏼‍♀️⛴️🗻🌆🏜️?
Take part in ! ✅

A final push, back from the dead, to complete my project, now no limit on submissions.

NEW POST: A compilation of the best data visualisation related stuff discovered during April 2018

Including these great works by @taylorbaldwin and @amycesal

My book is due to hit its 2nd birthday next week. Seems like I finished it only yesterday but work is due to commence on the 2nd edition shortly. I'd be really grateful for any satisfied book owners to submit short positive reviews on Amazon (or wherever they bought it) to help shape the nature of this 2nd edition release. The more satisfied people are, the less likely I will face huge amounts of changes, edits and beyond-scope additions. Thank you in advance!

NEW POST: A further update about the Chartmaker Directory as it tip-toes towards its first anniversary of existence

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