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Think I'm going to spend a bit of time getting used to this place and the different timeline features before I work out and pursue a 'follow' strategy

NEW POST: Some of the best visualisation content discovered during September 2018, featuring work by @MonaChalabi

On Tuesday 18 December at 10:30 (GMT) I will be delivering my latest free webinar hosted by @tableau. Titled 'The Design of Time', based on a short talk from several years ago, I will showcase the wide range of visual methods for portraying time-related data

Want to learn the craft of data visualisation? Want to feel as enlightened, equipped, and inspired like these fine people? Take advantage of the earlybird discount through to end of December and join my next 1-day dataviz workshop in London. Details here >

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This experiment has been running now for nearly a year. Can you believe it? Your consideration donations to cover hosting fees have been put to good use, but the balance is now down to zero, so I'm covering costs myself.

If you like this strange place and want it to continue, I’d appreciate a small one-time donation:$alignedleft

Please indicate that your donation is for 💰 📈 ✅

NEW POST: I was delighted to appear on Jon's @policyviz podcast alongside @wiederkehra and @jburnmurdoch to summarise our experiences at @InfoPlusConf

Another mention for yesterday's launch of the project, which was finally completed!

Here's the project:

Here's the accompanying blog post:

And, if this gif works, these are all the animal based pics...

Just 5 places remain for next month's 2-day data visualisation workshop in London … (I will be running this event with lots of fresh materials and new activities/exercises, building on the work on the new edition of my book)

NEW POST: Some of the very best data visualisation stuff discovered during July 2018 features this piece by National Geographic

A couple of training updates:

1) Only 6 places left on my 2-day dataviz workshop in London on 21-22 Nov

2) Also, just 2-weeks left to sign up for the start of my next online dataviz course, hosted by @SAGEOceanTweets

NEW POST: Celebrating my 250th data visualisation workshop (in my 25th different country, and 5500th delegates) on my 15,000th day since birth

NEW POST: The best data visualisation work, articles and other learning resources discovered during June 2018

Includes this from Chris DeMartini

NEW POST: The Little of Visualisation Design, part 55: Using redundant encoding to assist with red-green colourblindness

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