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Think I'm going to spend a bit of time getting used to this place and the different timeline features before I work out and pursue a 'follow' strategy

NEW POST: A round-up of some of the best data visualisation content discovered during December 2018 includes this incredible project by @Rougeux

NEW POST: The little of visualisation design, part 60: value label styling featuring work by @pmcruz, @wihbey et al

NEW POST: Some of the best data visualisation content discovered during November 2018, including this piece by Flavio Gortana

NEW POST: Some of the best visualisation content discovered during September 2018, featuring work by @MonaChalabi

On Tuesday 18 December at 10:30 (GMT) I will be delivering my latest free webinar hosted by @tableau. Titled 'The Design of Time', based on a short talk from several years ago, I will showcase the wide range of visual methods for portraying time-related data

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