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i dont see favorites or boosts -- im here for "actual" social engagement with real people. mentions are the only thing i get notifications about, so if you think we'd get along, dont just follow me, say hi!

i love having a dialogue; treat me with dignity and ill return the favor. im open to discussions about everything, if you approach them in the right way.

not everything has to be serious.

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how many human rights violations are being broken for the sake of data

the more i learn about @jalcine the more i admire him 😍
what a truly awesome human being. makes me wanna be a better person, and is always approachable and inspiring. big shout outs to you dude, keepin it hundo πŸ€™πŸ½

holy crap!! i just found out about taskwarriors _extensive_ addons collection. Namely Taskwiki and Taskopen. I already use taskwarrior quite a lot and if i can find some way to combine these I could have a solution for my . It seems to cover all the bases: annotations, text file based, store links, pdfs, along-side tasks. the only issue would be a lack of android client. it also lacks a calendar but that's not so big a deal

im *very* excited about the possibilities

not even lowkey, the toots (are they still called toots if they're from Twitter??) he retoots from there worth reading.

lowkey seeing @jalcine on Twitter again because of the cross poster making me giggle a lil. only cuz he said "wait what am i doing here" before.

lmao dude, social tech is sticky af! cant leave even when you wanna. i know i have the same problem with masto. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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A notes app that:

- allows searching photos/scans of handwritten notes (ocr)
- supports plain text and Markdown
- is on web and iOS

Does this πŸ¦„ exist?

im sick 😩😫🀧😷
this sucks

new brockhampton slaps. really digging these noisy beats

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reminder to make bad art as frequently as possible

here i was thinking id use this late night to get work done.

and instead i had an amazing conversation with my friends over slack.

i think i might be even more grateful for staying up now. ☺️

it is now bedtime though

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Morning, beautiful fediversians.

Living in a society that only rewards shallow displays of strength makes it easy to forget how strong we are.

Strength is getting up everyday to care for your loved ones.

Strength is doing what is right even when it costs you.

Strength is committing to take care of yourself even when you don't feel like.

Strength is being there for your friends and family consistently.

Never forget you are stronger than you know. You've earned every inch.

so fucking done with today. thank god im going home

this theorem literally underpins all our communication technology rn. without it the internet could not exist.

maths is fucking magic.

learning about encoders and channel capacity actually blew my mind. being able to pass information losslessly through a noisy/lossy channel because of the rate we send through it 🀯

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nah it's over for Earth.

capitalism exists for itself in the now never the future

best live your best lives now y'all

annoyed that i cant sleep. been laying in bed 2 hours now, i give up. gotta be up in 6ish hours which leaves me some time but I'm gonna try reading for a bit.

im tired and sleep, just do the thing body, pls

ngl kinda wish the sesh was still going. taking it from night time party to weekend bender.

had a cray lit night πŸ€™πŸ½

can't tell if hung over or just still drunk?? i dont feel drunk, and not really hung over which is quite surprising given how much i had to drink last night.

lol tots in a bit of a lovey mood. tbh, im digging it. spread the love 😍😘

it's my bedtime tho, fedi. nn, hope y'all having a time 😁

"scared of getting bored"
but also, it's okay to be bored.

just gotta keeo coming up with shit. everyday you do you, you'll find something new.
I promise.

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