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i dont see favorites or boosts -- im here for "actual" social engagement with real people. mentions are the only thing i get notifications about, so if you think we'd get along, dont just follow me, say hi!

i love having a dialogue; treat me with dignity and ill return the favor. im open to discussions about everything, if you approach them in the right way.

not everything has to be serious.

does the "dropping a malware flash drive in the parking lot and hoping someone plugs it in" cyberattack vector have a proper name yet? if not, i propose Show more

okay listening to music because fuck this shit.

"they all sit in their echo chamber and congratulate each other, i dont see how they can say what they do with a straight face"🙄😑 literally 0 self awareness.

omfg please somebody save me from this hellscape and turn off the fucking tv. 🤬😠

meritocracy my fucking asshole. it's actually straight up propaganda. slander, misdirection and an echo chamber. literally nobody on this show is non-white or even slightly differing in their opinion.

seriously, FUCK NEWSCORP.

jfk there's sky news going on at work and it's really fucking riling me up.

omg pixelfed is federating??!
end of an era. im gonna miss all the pixelfed not federating jokes 🤣

if there's something ive learned from intentionally destroying relationships with my closest friends it's that building trust over the internet is very hard, but destroying it only takes a couple words.

gosh dang it im on the bus listening to heavyweight and smiling like a moron.

i love this show.

We're destroying the world because we are, in a very literal and deliberate way, at war with it. People need more than to be made to feel stupid and guilty. They need more than a vision of doom. They need a vision of the world and of themselves that inspires them.

We’re #solarpunks because the only other options are denial or despair.

im just tryna upload a cute audio file of me singing but masto wont let me :/

god i need to get off masto. i spent all night just bumming around here. it's hard though after working 12 hour days to want to do anything even slightly more difficult.

that's okay. I'm trying not to be hard on myself and pay attention to how i feel. rn that means bed.
night fedi

god at is good.

"such is the cruel physics of love, those who crave it most will repel it, and only the dang rich get richer"


omg bmo is adorable

"maybe when you're grown you wont ever be able to tell when things are going totally haywire or if everything is actually totally fine"

big fucking mood.

@whereami @zoey @platypus we need to stop worshipping "growth". We need to take a step back and increase free time.

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