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i dont see favorites or boosts -- im here for "actual" social engagement with real people. mentions are the only thing i get notifications about, so if you think we'd get along, dont just follow me, say hi!

i love having a dialogue; treat me with dignity and ill return the favor. im open to discussions about everything, if you approach them in the right way.

not everything has to be serious.

Death Grips is the My Chemical Romance of gen z

im beginning to think that masto may actually be bad for my health...
i dont wanna leave, you guys are all hella rad, and i like spending tine here.

* Jumps from one emotion to another *


@erosdiscordia @garbados @mareklach I am truly astounded at how online turned out versus what we expected. The Hackers future did not arrive. The Internet is TV now. And not just with Netflix, but with its core ethos. The mission of the internet’s leaders are to keep your eyes glued to the screen and absolutely do not touch that dial.

It’s the same.

some of y'all truly inspiring and changed my whole perception of what i should strive for.

keep that up, you guys fucking awesome 🤩❤️

I mean... the hard truth that no one wants to admit in America is that a lot of people don't mind being exploited for the sake of convenience.

People know how bad Google, FB, Twitter, etc are when it comes to respecting their rights. They don't care. Why? B/c it's easy.

Being more responsible for your online persona means learning more and putting in a bit more effort to stay on top of it.

Most people just don't care.

Google's popularity is reflection of our national attitude towards work

boost this toot if the set of all sets that do not contain themselves contains itself

personally, i feel like it should be easier to exist

I get irritated when people who use iPhones go around screeching about how they are advocating privacy, digital rights and software freedom.

no, you're participating in an ecosystem that is just as bad. stop trying to preach to the rest of us about morality.

actually can't decide if i should sleep or stay up so i keep swapping between the computer and the bed??

like make a decision bro... jeez

@aredridel if I may add something on the same line of thought.

Tompkins Square Park, June 2015, anonymous

My plants were starting to get a little cramped, so I rearranged my desk, and now it's looking nice 💚

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