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i dont see favorites or boosts -- im here for "actual" social engagement with real people. mentions are the only thing i get notifications about, so if you think we'd get along, dont just follow me, say hi!

i love having a dialogue; treat me with dignity and ill return the favor. im open to discussions about everything, if you approach them in the right way.

not everything has to be serious.

i really like the idea of an ephemeral am reading list (shout outs @jalcine for showing me and would like if it integrated with wallabag (not just saved articles but in process articles).

however much like last/ i dont know how much id really end up using the service. maybe it's time to give it another spin.

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i weny bouldering yesterday for the first time and, boy, what a time. i really enjoyed myself, and i think im quite good at it ☺️ reminds me of climbing trees when i was a kid. normally I'm afraid of heights but this wasn't too bad for me (i guess i like falling?)

my arms are exhausted today though, holding things is difficult.

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i turn into such a futz when I meet someone who I look up to. I was stammering and missing words and feeling nervous. 🤩😖 literally star struck hahah

Is this celeb culture?

omg omg omg Ellen Broad signed my book!!
what a great talk. Genevieve Bell is one of my favourite people in tech rn. Excellent event, so glad I went

no matter your struggle always remember:

you are not alone.
there are people that care about you and the things you believe in.
ask for help if you need it.

keep fighting the good fight ✊🏾
you are strong and capable 🌟

playfulness is something that is very difficult to communicate solely through text.

ngl i love playing arguing and playing devils advocate and often get heated arguing something i dont actually believe, often (but not always) to much humor from both me and my argument partner (they aren't adversaries)

im still figuring out how to properly engage in those kinds of communications online because it is so easy to lose the nuances of communication online.

ugh, little pieces of my computer seem to be coming apart (internally) but i dont want to have to fresh install rn.

for the first time i am seriously considering joining Twitter to communicate with humans ik IRL.

still undecided as of yet, but i might do it.

woah, writer of Made by Humans: The AI Condition is coming to my school to have a conversation with a personal hero of mine Genevieve Bell. Very excited to be attending tomorrow :)

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The reason why rss has largely disappeared from browsers is that firstly it wasn't promoted all that much and secondly it doesn't enable monetization via timeline manipulation. An rss list is the ultimate timeline under user control. Its also harder to insert clutter which advertisers will pay for into an rss feed, or for advertisers to track highly specific user behavior.

this is all too familiar a feeling. lying in bed staring up at the ceiling, unable to sleep.

my old nemesis Insomnia. seems like they finally figured out how to thwart my sleep hygiene ward.

this is only a momentary stumble -- I will win the war. we all have our demons to struggle with.

gotta learn more about visualisation i think. looking forward to it. i really enjoy learning things.

it's cool 😎

learning how to use the elastic stack in class feels pretty cool ngl ☺️

i have tons of data id like to look at through this. personal troves sure, but also internet wide things maybe?

hello i just finished a story you can read it here:

a future envisioning of what a solarpunk future would look like for me.

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Take the mythologies and apply them to your world.

You think technology and the classical world are diametrically opposed.

The ancient magicks are not different.

Indeed, technology is a magick as old as any. It is the crossroads of all magicks.

Be the technomancer.

Speak in the tongues of the ancients.

Own history.

Own destiny.

Own fate.

another reason ive decided to keep my following count low. i dont want to go over 100