selfie, eye contact

ive been hobo-passing since i didnt shave my entire trip, but now that i have, my reboot is compete.

im feelin fresh af now fam.

staying literally across the street from hellbird hq.

as much as i want to attribute malice to this area, i cant do it in good faith. theres probably no evil here. despite how ominous the logo is

had a meeting originally planned to learn fractal stuff but my friend didnt show up so i've just been messing around with chaotica myself.

its really fun! :)

loving my aesthetic today. i couldnt get a picture with my pants in it, but oh well.

one of my friends described it as "living my best divorced life" and I'm down for that

selfie, eye contact

seeing tons of these today, thought I'd join in the fun

wtf firefox. why do you want my number? i already have firefox on my phone. how do i get them to connect? they used to work just fine. i want to send tabs between my devices pls and thank

never done this before but this seems like a good opportunity. on this Sunny Sunday.

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omg omg omg Ellen Broad signed my book!!
what a great talk. Genevieve Bell is one of my favourite people in tech rn. Excellent event, so glad I went is an open social platform for creative people, especially anyone in sciArt, data, visualization, creative coding, and related arts and research. English is the common language of the instance.