So I attempted to try and make basic website with but I ended up giving myself a headache. How do people do this stuff lol.

Did you use CSS?
You can still write it all in a basic Text editor.

@landel I actually hadn't even tried to use CSS yet. Tbh CSS looks even more scary. I am sure that it was just me just starting out but idk how I am really going to start learning.

To start learning, plain HTML is a good choice.
Just don't expect to much just yet.
Do you have any goals for your learning?

@landel yeah I am trying to start with just plain html. I am trying to mainly just make a website for myself that I may eventually make partly a blog.

Cool way to get started.
The blog part is not to easy tought.
Once you get along with HTML you'll want to learn some basic CSS, maybe even JavaScript.
You'll also want to get some smarter backend someday.
The way is long but full of rewards, have fun while you walk.

@landel okie doke I will start out with plain html and then work from there. Thanks for the tips

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