So I have found that I have been watching YouTube a bit too much lately and have been being very unproductive. As a solution I am going to try limiting myself to only Invidious and NewPipe. Hopefully that will mean I will stop spamming reload on the page until it recommends me something interesting since it won't recommend me anything.

@arctic skim youtube videos does help to me. Youtubers always create thing out of nothing, they can write something about it but instead wasting our time w/ their rants.

cooking, food, engineering, documentary video are excluded.

@chilitaco Yeah I agree, which is why I am not fully stopping watching YouTube, only switching to frontends. The problem is that currently I just spend way too much time on just YouTube even watching videos I may not like that much. I feel like I could be doing much better things with my time.

@arctic the truth is, I've done the same w/ you instead of yt go to invidious instances. But the result is the same :D.

Try skim video first and then decide to fully watched it whenever you see fit.

seize the day!

@chilitaco The thing is that it isn't the recommendations after the videos but more the ones on the home scree. Though invidious does not seem to want to work with dash quality, so I will probably try your advice of just skimming through videos, thanks.

@vanderZwan Thanks! I'm going to look into that one that gets rid of suggestions, seems like that would fix the problem.

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