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Daily reminder that for many blind people, #Apple is the most useful and productive mobile operating system. It's not that Android is hard to use, but when text selection, especially on the web and in email, is from hard to impossible, and when one cannot spell check what they've written, and typing is either a minor annoyance (braille (input not registering sometimes) onscreen keyboard (very slow usually) external keyboard (yet another device to manage)), you begin to understand why people who don't enjoy customization, or getting the "most" out of a device choose iOS, especially for accessibility, and the AI of image recognition and such. And FOSS phones, like the PinePhone, won't be accessible until Orca/ATSPI can communicate with touch screens, and that won't happen without developers.

So, when you get that urge to say "I told you so you Apple sheeple, you should have been using FOSS!" Try to remember that some people don't have much of a choice.

#a11y #FOSS #PinePhone

@refi64 holy shit, I had no idea that existed
It is crazy how fucked up some people manage to be

So I set up Jellyfin today
First impressions are that it is very cool

@xgqt lol thanks
Yeah sadly I was outside so I did not have much

Restaurants that only have soda bottles that require bottle openers are evil
I just cut my finger open trying to open a Mexican coke with my keys

ok kde connect is fucking awesome
why haven't I used this before

There is Google, there was Google+, when are we getting Google++?

@refi64 that would be very cool but yeah not sure if that will actually happen lol

Heavily debating installing Arch and trying again...

If common lisp exists, does that mean legendary lisp exist?

@DrownNotably then all the buttons would be pressed down on though

32C here already...
I am very concerned for the summer

So I had a problem with the condensation from my drink running down close to my laptop because my desk was slanted so I uhh had a big brain solution.

Man the weather here is freaking crazy, first it was super hot and now there is apparently supposed to be a thunderstorm.

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