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Why tf is Apple Music unironically good

The new mastodon logo is interesting…

@DrownNotably I assumed the drug didn’t have a zero variant

Why is normal coke so shit but coke zero so good?

Can we stop doing stupid things?
Like please

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UnifiedPush support has been merged into Element Android!

Element is the flagship @matrix client and one of the biggest apps that will soon support UnifiedPush!

#UnifiedPush #element #matrix #pushnotifications #fdroid

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@fribbledom the funny thing is we know exactly what makes us happy. It just isn’t convenient in our current society.

@stux lol do people really report you for making that joke?

@refi64 yeah @TheEvilSkeleton showed me it. At first I found the idea of paying for a search engine incredibly silly, but decided to try it for a month. I already freaking love it.

Kagi search is so damm good
That is all

US Economic Politics 

Realizing how many problems in the US are caused by believing in trickle down economics is really depressing….

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