"Market forces, not regs, leading the charge for data privacy" 

@peter if companies wish to change the way people think they are most likely going to have to market privacy quite a bit, and give people a reason why they want it to undue the damage that seems to be done of no one caring.

"Market forces, not regs, leading the charge for data privacy" 

@peter While personally I do think that people making different purchasing decisions will most likely have a stronger impact than most regulations that may be passed idk if most people would actually use more private services. Many people use social media platforms known for taking data and don't seem to care even when told about it.

@resynth1943 Everyone goes fuck America while fully ignoring problems with other countries. Not like Britain did anything wrong.....
oh wait Britain started the whole kicking out Native Americans thing

@resynth1943 I don't remember ever saying America was an amazing country, or even referring to the holiday. Though considering what you said I am to assume that you also hate all patriotic British holidays.

@landel okie doke I will start out with plain html and then work from there. Thanks for the tips

@landel yeah I am trying to start with just plain html. I am trying to mainly just make a website for myself that I may eventually make partly a blog.

@landel I actually hadn't even tried to use CSS yet. Tbh CSS looks even more scary. I am sure that it was just me just starting out but idk how I am really going to start learning.

I haven't been on mastodon for a while. I should probably post more.....

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And we are running on 1.12.

A great shout-out to the @gitea developer team for all their magnificent work that made this possible!

@makkusu@mstdn.social In my opinion systemd has a couple of big issues that make me not exactly a fan of it. For one it is not ver modular. I really feel it should be split up into multiple different packages that could all work separately unless they had to rely on another. Another thing is that a lot of software has become reliant on it and a lot of distros don't seem to be very concerned about making sure it is not the only option.

rant about Goolgle Play Store with harsh language 

@richardotomislav I don't really use it anymore but when I did I would just scroll down and maybe refresh a couple times until it gave me a category I found interesting. Then I would look through that category.

rant about Goolgle Play Store with harsh language 

@richardotomislav while I dislike some of the design I would disagree with the idea you cannot discover apps. I have personally found many nice apps from just scrolling through.

rant about Goolgle Play Store with harsh language 

@richardotomislav well not to be mean to your phone but I am guessing that their iPhone is more powerful. So that is probably part of it. In terms of design personally I like Android design much more than iOS but of course that is subjective. To be fair most of the devices I used iOS on were old when I used them, not super old but not new.

rant about Goolgle Play Store with harsh language 

@richardotomislav the play store also annoys the crap out of me, luckily I mostly use f-droid. I do remember using the App Store on a couple of apple devices though, tbch I don't remember it being that great.

@richardotomislav yeah idk how to download all of them normally. There is probably an extension or a script to do it but I have never used anything like that sorry.

@richardotomislav I don't know if this is exactly what you mean but you could right click on them and use "Save image as" to get a png of them.

School grades arrived! 

@richardotomislav @HeartClock08 @resynth1943 @NanaOyaei @yura @jae @stux Congrats! Great to hear you will be able to study your dream.

@makkusu@mstdn.social ~~people on r/privacy want an excuse to buy an iPhone~~

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