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@xgqt yeah it is odd lol. I don't think they realize that the point of Gentoo is choice and not just compiling everything for the sake of it.

@xgqt Considering that many new users were surprised when I told them Gentoo has binary kernels now, and that a lot of them when I told them said that ruined the point. My guess is new users will definitely still complain.

ReCaptcha has taught me many things.
Like the fact that mailboxes are apparently secretly parking meters and that bicycles and scooters are actually motorcycles. I am concerned for what the context for this is lol

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A while ago I think I posted about me trying to make a website and having trouble. Anyway I tried again and I am feeling much better about how it turned out. I finally think I semi understand how html and css work.

@LiziPancake Surprisingly I have not really had problems with them before, but considering what I have heard from others that was probably just me having been lucky up until this point lol.

So apparently the new nvidia drivers that are supposed to fix the security issue also make a lot of things not work. OBS and Minecraft are just not working anymore, so that is fun. @wizzwizz4 The only real problems I have with the non-free drivers is them sometimes taking a bit to work with the newest kernel and not working with wayland. Obviously if I were to get a new gpu it would be amd but the non-free drivers for nvidia are definitely usable.

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A Gentoo poem for all Gentoo-ers across the globe!

Gentoo Chan I must seduce

For Gentoo OS to introduce

Time is of the essence

One must need a little patience

System failure the kernel gave

But this was not yet digging a grave

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Hi Fediverse! 

I’m tanmatsu, but you can also call me Mario.

I work on a few projects, some of which being:

and some other stuff that would take too long to list

I used to be on Mastodon but after some complications I have switched to Pleroma. This is my only social account.

@dmt @Phate6660 Zoom has a Linux version, it just isn't very great. There was a point where it started freezing my PC.

@jae It does, the UI looks pretty nice and I think it may be one of the few other desktop clients besides element to even claim to support encryption.

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