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ok nvm finally figured it out lol
I get stressed way too easy lol

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~~ok yeah I remember why I left it~~
it is interesting but I don't think I am going to use it that much lol maybe a bit more than before though

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I haven't used in a while but I am tempted to try it again.....

Hot Take: Times New Roman is an ugly font

Trying to run risk of rain 2 on a laptop was a bad idea.....

I think I got the syntax wrong because uping the number on the random number generator to 3 from 2 fixed it lol

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So I tried to write rock paper scissors in the random number generator seems to never choose 2 and thus never choose scissor but besides that it works lol.

So I finished writing a bubblesort in after a little help from a friend. Was an interesting experience even if a pain in the ass.

So I decided to try and learn some as I have not really learned a real programming lang all the way yet. So far I really really like it. The syntax is amazing imo.

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(RO) Un test cu hârtie colorată. Culoare: mov
(EN) A test with coloured paper. Colour: purple

Breaking News: Gentoo user moves to Alaska to help cool PC

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ReCaptcha has taught me many things.
Like the fact that mailboxes are apparently secretly parking meters and that bicycles and scooters are actually motorcycles.

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