I have this weird client call every week where they explain they are late with the data for x reason now, and we are all polite and keep waiting. they better not demand overnight turnaround on anything.

Going to work on some personal projects while traveling - horrendous likelihood I will just read and close tabs and fix broken code i just found :(

I would vastly prefer my day to be Caturday but it's gonna be OnlineTutorialAndTabClosingDay

Brownies for breakfast aren't a good idea.

That time of winter when I really need to sit in the sun somewhere drinking light refreshments

Haven't been able to get past my tech bro buzzword antipathy to click on anything about "cryptoart"

thinking about taking a week off to work on a personal AI art project. It makes me feel weirdly guilty and I don't understand why.

Anni Albers about her weaving practice:

“What I’m trying to get across,” she wrote, “is that material is a means of communication. That listening to it, not dominating it, makes us truly active, that is: to be active, be passive.”


@aparrish so this flat thing is not easy to search for online :)

@aparrish btw, i watched the TV version of City and the City and it was really good. Did you see it?

I have had a bad head cold and cough for 2 weeks now. I am truly sick of it. :(

I bet if I put "AI" in my LinkedIn Profile it would get me a lot more spam.

Am i the only one oppressed and nervous when I get the "people are looking at your LinkedIn profile" mail? Is my profile good enough?!

@aparrish title and desc on this look a little related to what you were doing with poems in the past week arxiv.org/abs/1811.04651

@aparrish i wanted to RT your hilarious tweet about messages from ancient unknown civs carved into pluto in honor of Ultima Thule day, but I can't find it.


I finally unsubbed from the White House mailing list, which was really the most offensive spam i got this year.

Are other people freaking out about a week without computers, or is no one doing that

weird dreams 

Imposter syndrome dreams I have are usually about grad school choices (like what to do for my PhD); last night I was made to play a rock concert with a keyboard made of bread. I don't play piano.

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