I think there is a very positive aspect about the Toilet paper story! Isn't it bizarrely interesting what we can learn now about our deepest worries?
Is there an analogy how Toilet paper -subconsciously, became a utility for the current situation? Isn't it that no one wants to get stuck in their own shit?
I love symptoms!

I dreamt that I slipped and fell into a big mirror. Half of my body was stuck in, and the other half out. It felt like being stuck in a deep sponge pool.
Half in real half in imagination...
Man! Inside mirrors the whole world has a different shape and behaviour!

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Now I'm back again writing about Narratology and Interaction.
Recently I watched a documentary about animals. It looked like me and my surrandings narrated in a never-heard language.

Years later someone said "You are a scary person because of theses reactions, there are some others who are agreed to that, too!"
It made me think deeply and distracted from surroundings for a while!

I'm an artist. I teach, R&D and supervise in a European university.

Once someone told me "You are a cultural refugee here!" It made me think deeply, I remained quiet for a while and walked away.

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vvvv@mastodon.xyz - Presenting: The vvvv Show-off Reel:


A collection of projects realized by users of in the past years.

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NODE Salon Berlin, Nov 23rd:

Refik Anadol and his devvvv team Simon Weckert, Kyle McLean (everyoneishappy) and Arístides Job García Hernández (lasal) will be visiting us in the cozy NODE Insitute to share insights with the community about their work, patches and processes.


#vvvv #visualprogramming #creativecoding #berlin


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